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125 Years Ago


WEATHER: Only three inches of snow fell at Lebanon. In view of the fact that about 12 inches in all fell at Albany, this is a peculiar fact. On the summit and towards Philomath, on the O.P., the snow was three feet deep on the level, yet today's train under the charge of the energetic Mr. Kennedy was only a few moments late. Going to the bay yesterday, the train was about three hours late. (Published Nov. 30, 1892, in the State Rights Democrat, Albany).

75 Years Ago


MILITARY: Aviation Cadet Edward L. Eaton, of Beaverton, was reported Friday to have entered the Army Air Force's classification center at Nashville, Tenn., where he will take examinations to determine for which branch of aircrew service, piloting, navigation or bombardiering he is best fitted. A former Philomath High School athlete, he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eaton. (Published Dec. 26, 1942, in the Oregonian, Portland).

FIREMEN: The annual watch party and dance for young people of high school age will be held at the Philomath City Hall New Year's Eve, sponsored by the Philomath firemen and their wives. The committee in charge of arrangements is composed of Chief L.C. Rees, Melvin Ayers and Jim Gee. The Philomath firemen this week received another check for $214 as second payment on the junk collected in the recent drive to help blast the Axis. This makes nearly $350 the firemen have received for their work, the money to be used to help purchase new firefighting equipment. More junk has been donated, which will be gotten out as soon as road conditions permit. (Published Dec. 29, 1942, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

CLUBS: The Hill Top Club met Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Castle for a covered dish dinner and social evening. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Read, Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Winters, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Jones and daughter Grace, Mrs. Gertrude Thomas and two children, and the host and hostess. Mrs. C.E. Gibbs entertained members of the T.O.P. Club at the annual Christmas party Thursday, Dec. 16. There was a tree and an exchange of gifts and names of the secret sisters were revealed at this time. The club voted not to have secret sisters next year or any covered dish dinners. (Published Dec. 30, 1942, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

50 Years Ago


COMMITTEE: Milo Prindle, president of the Oregon Logging Conference to meet in Eugene Feb. 22-24, announced membership on the resolutions committee to study industry problems. He named Rex Pemberton, Dallas, and Gordon Bell, Philomath, as co-chairmen to serve with Jim Bagley, Lebanon, Carl Raynor, Springfield, and A.D. McReynolds, Eugene. (Published Dec. 24, 1967, in the Oregonian, Portland).

15 Years Ago


SANTA: Santa has a lot of helpers out spreading Christmas cheer on Dec. 24 — some dressed as elves, some dressed like Santa himself. They're ringing bells on street corners, talking to children at shopping malls and handing out candy to passers-by. One of Santa's newer helpers spent his Christmas Eve morning literally drumming up Christmas spirit in Philomath. Jim Roe, an employee at Beggs Tire and Wheel on Main Street, sat on a trailer in the Beggs parking lot dressed in a red velvet Santa suit, perched next to a bright purple drum set he'd borrowed from his church. From 7 a.m. until 11:30 a.m., he sat in the rain, waving and drumming up a storm. "I'm tired," he said on a short break during the morning. "And I'm hot."

Roe plays several musical instruments and does church performances in his off time. He decided it would be fun to bring his passion for music to work and give it a little holiday flair. "It's just to show we want to have some fun and get involved," he said. "We need more stuff like this in the community." Roe said a majority of people driving by laugh and wave when they see him. The rain hadn't driven him inside, despite it soaking into his Santa suit. (Published Dec. 24, 2002, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

Compiled by Brad Fuqua, Philomath Express


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