From the Past: Kevin Boss

TEN YEARS AGO: Philomath graduate Kevin Boss of the New York Giants signs jerseys for Tony Rath, 8, while Andi Rath, 11, waits her turn at the high school.


100 Years Ago


ROUND-UP: The Philomath Round-Up is history. The buildings are being torn down and the lumber moved away to be used for other purposes. The lumber, which originally cost about $3,000, has been purchased by George Brown, stockman, for $1,100. Charley Lillard receives $350 for tearing the buildings down, $50 to an agent for negotiating the deal.

The horses, we hear, were purchased by Julian McFadden. There is some speculation that the buildings would be moved to Corvallis for a round-up there but from pretty reliable sources, it was learned that Brown intended using the lumber for barns and stock sheds.

The round-up business is overdone. The stupendous success of the first Philomath Round-Up got the better of most of the other valley towns until now you will find them large and small in half the towns of any size in the valley. It is very probable that should the round-up be continued here, even on a very much reduced scale, that it would not pay. Philomath got the surprise of its life when 20,000 people attended the show two years ago and nearly as many last year. (Published March 4, 1918, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

FACTORY: Albany has a new war industry which will be operating within the next week or 10 days. J. Samuel Webster of the Beaver Wood Products company of Philomath is here now making the arrangements for the installation of the machinery and the opening of a manufacturing enterprise which will manufacture tent stakes for the United States government. The Beaver Woods Products company has been operated at Philomath and the contracts were secured by the government sometime ago. All of the hardwood had to be shipped from Albany and the management concluded that it would be good policy to locate the factory here. They have been manufacturing tool handles, maple and fir broom handles, ladders, lawn furniture, etc. (Published March 9, 1918, in the Albany Daily Democrat).

75 Years Ago


DECORATED: Award of the distinguished flying cross, his third decoration, to Master Sergeant Carl W. Thrasher, Philomath's outstanding war hero, was announced Thursday in press dispatches from the headquarters of Lieutenant-General George C. Kenney, commander of Allied air forces in the southwest Pacific. On August 7, 1942, his ship was a member of a bomber formation that shot down seven Japanese over Rabaul, New Brittain. For his part in that engagement, he received the oak leaf cluster in lieu of a second silver star. Thrasher came home in December for an eight-day visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Thrasher of Philomath. (Published March 5, 1943, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

MILITARY: The Philomath platoon of the Oregon State Guard drilled in the high school gymnasium last week for the first time since the school board granted permission to use it. An intensive drill was given by Lt. George Cummings. ... Miss Gwendolyn Stanton, former Philomath girl, has finished a five weeks course at the Naval training school for WAVES at Cedar Falls, Iowa. She is now to be assigned to a specialized school where various Navy trades are taught. ... Word has been received from Lewis Steeprow, chief cook, USN, that his ship sank, but that he escaped safe and sound. (Published March 8, 1943, in the Eugene Register-Guard).

LETTER: Dear Mike ("Behind the Mike" column with William Moyes): No doubt you are, by now, filled up in here with your poison pen pals' protests of the mistake in pronouncing Philomath made last night by the Seitzer news announcer. He said it as most of we foreigners do at first, "Fillo-math." He is in for it. (Published March 9, 1943, in the Oregonian, Portland).

15 Years Ago


BASKETBALL: Dan Hinchberger scored 17 points as Philomath earned a spot in the Class 3A state tournament with a 58-33 win over Phoenix on Saturday. The Warriors jumped on Phoenix in the first half, outscoring them 32-19. Philomath finished with 22 assists. Hinchberger had seven rebounds, three steals and three blocks. Adrian Bowman also had seven rebounds to go with 10 points. (Published March 8, 2003, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

Compiled by Brad Fuqua, Philomath Express


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