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Vote Gerding

for school board

Dear Editor:

Philomath families — I appreciate that for the last 25-plus years, you have trusted me enough to allow your sons and daughters to attend my Junior Warrior Soccer Camps and to play on the many AYSO and high school soccer teams I have coached. You have supported what I have done and I greatly appreciate that.

Greg Gerding, who is running for the Philomath School Board, deserves your trust and support in the same manner. He is a fair-minded listener and respectful individual who will bring his proven experience of thoughtful unbiased leadership to the school board. He will be available to hear what you have to say either by phone or by email, and he’ll work to help resolve whatever school-related issue you bring to him.

He will treat all respectfully and whereas there will always be cases that require discipline, he won’t have favorites, nor will he throw away any kids just because he thinks they are not worthy. In Greg’s mind, all Philomath School District students are worthy, no matter their grade, their learning abilities, their background or economic status. As a rural homeowner, he supports Kings Valley Charter School and what rural Kings Valley brings to the district.

Please join me in supporting Greg just as you have supported me, as my vote goes to Greg Gerding who treats all he interacts with equally, without bias, and for the good of all.

John L. Williams


Vote Klipfel,

Kildea, Cruise

Dear Editor:

The upcoming Philomath School District board election is important for our community.

The current board has made improvements to our school facilities, established the means to increase our graduation rates and this past year made strong decisions to protect our children and end the humiliating practice of hazing in our schools.

Others have a single-minded agenda to remove current board members and superintendent Melissa Goff and then reinstate those adults who allowed the hazing for several years.

Please join me in helping our board and superintendent Goff keep our children safe, allow our community to heal and continue to improve education outcomes in our schools.

Join me and vote for current board members Tom Klipfel, Jim Kildea and Don Cruise.

Van Hunsaker


Support for

Tom Klipfel

Dear Editor:

I am writing to lend support to Tom Klipfel who is seeking re-election to the Philomath School Board of Directors. I first met Tom when I was principal of Philomath Middle School, and I have known him for over 12 years. Tom is a dedicated individual who cares about the students in our community and the quality of education they receive.

His commitment to the Philomath School District can be observed at all levels — as a volunteer at Clemens Primary School, Philomath Elementary School and as a member of the Philomath Middle School Site Council. As a current board member, Tom has spent many hours working to assure all students are well prepared to graduate from Philomath High School.

Whether volunteering with the scouts, teaching classes at his church or serving on the board of education, Tom gives 100 percent of his attention to the matter at hand. As a board member and board chair, he is focused on improving the learning environment for the students in our district. His work on the school bond to rebuild the high school and upgrade other schools in the district provided facilities the community can be proud of and where students thrive. In addition, he works to improve student learning and provide opportunities for them to develop into contributing members of the Philomath community.

Please join me in voting for Tom Klipfel for Philomath School Board.

Larry Sleeman


Attend May 4

budget meeting

Dear Editor:

I invite the citizens of Philomath to participate in their government. On May 4, the city budget committee meets to decide whether or not to move forward with a fee that will be added to everyone's water bill.

This fee is supposed to mitigate a budget shortfall. To date, there have been several meetings to hear the concerns of the citizens and there is a lot of opposition that is being ignored. People have not only opposed this fee but have provided thoughtful and specific alternatives.

Never in my 37 years in Philomath have I seen citizens step forward to get involved, sift through the budget and audit reports and do the math and offer viable alternatives.

We cannot turn this into a political issue, we need to complete an equitable budget and have the city work within its financial means. I urge everyone to get involved and attend the budget meeting on May 4 at 7 p.m. and hold our city accountable.

Holly Bendixen



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