Beavers offensive depth chart


Ryan Katz (6-1, 214, Jr.): Going into his second season as the starter, he should make significant gains this year.

Cody Vaz (6-0, 191, So.): Coaches have faith in him to step in if needed. He has a rocket arm just like Katz.

Running back

Ryan McCants (6-1, 225, Sr.): For the work he has put in over the years, expect him to get a shot as the starter.

Malcolm Agnew (5-8, 188, Fr.): He has come on strong and quick during camp. He's the starter of the future.

Spit end

Markus Wheaton (6-0, 178, Jr.): Has been the go-to receiver since the middle of last season. Look for him deep and when a first down is needed.

Obum Gwacham (6-5, 223, RFr.): After being a project last year he's turned into a big target. He'll get in games.

Slot receiver

Jordan Bishop (6-3, 205, Jr.): After a slow start to camp due to offseason ankle surgery, he's ready to contribute.

Kevin Cummings (6-1, 178, So.): Still in development but will be a force very soon. He had a strong training camp.


Brandin Cooks (5-9, 170, Fr.): The newcomer impressed everyone with his speed and skill. Expect big things from him.

Darrell Catchings (6-0, 178, Sr.): Has made some big catches over the years. Staying healthy has been his issue.

Tight end

Colby Prince (6-5, 260, Jr.): A perfect example of how OSU develops players. Once a big receiver has turned into all-around end.

Connor Hamlett (6-7, 257, RFr.): Coaches are high on his future. He gets a shot when he fills in while Joe Halahuni (shoulder) heals.

Left tackle

Mike Remmers (6-5, 303, Sr.): The top pass blocker has improved his run blocking and is overall leader of the group.

Grant Enger (6-5, 281, So.): In line to take over next season and is working in at tight end since the position is so thin.

Left guard

Josh Andrews (6-2, 295, So.): A first-year starter with that nasty attitude line coach Mike Cavanaugh wants from his guys.

Michael Beaton (6-3, 300, RFr.): Still in the early stages of development. He might be a year or two away.


Grant Johnson (6-4, 293, Sr.): Transition from guard in the offseason has gone smoothly. He's ready to make the blocking calls.

Geoff Garner (6-5, 308, So.): His move from tackle to center has gone well. He's trying to stick for next season.

Right guard

Burke Ellis (6-5, 292, Sr.): Returning starter held on to his starting job after the spring and fall position battle.

Michael Lamb (6-3, 290, Sr.): Pushed Ellis to get better over the years. He's the first guard off the bench for either position.

Right tackle

Colin Kelly (6-5, 295, Jr.): Won the position battle. He matured and developed the last three years for this moment.

Michael Philipp (6-4, 308, Jr.): A sore knee during training camp didn't help the two-year starter as he lost his job.

- Cliff Kirkpatrick

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