A stable lineup has been found and momentum began to build.

That means the sixth-ranked Oregon State gymnastic team moved into the fine-tuning phase of the season.

And it showed Friday night in a four-team invitational before a crowd of 3,652 in Gill Coliseum. The Beavers scored a 196.675 and defeated Washington (195.725), San Jose State (193.050) and UC Davis (192.950).

Three individual career highs were matched or beaten, and the team landed 23 of its 24 routines without a fall.

"The focus and the energy this meet was really good," OSU coach Tanya Chaplin said. "There were more solid landings than before - they were cleaner. Overall, I was really happy with how this met went."

Leslie Mak continued her strong junior season. She won the all-around competition with a score 39.425.

Mak won the uneven bars (9.900) and the balance beam (9.900). She tied for third on the floor exercise (9.850) and tied for ninth on the vault (9.775).

OSU's Melanie Jones shared the floor title with Washington's Kristen Linton. They scored a 9.900. Britney Ranzy won the vault for the Beavers (13-5) when she tied a personal-best 9.925.

"I was really happy with how we did, especially not knowing if we trained the right way in a bye week," Mak said. "Everyone had tons of confidence. We were aggressive, and it's those little details that we have to keep working on."

The gymnasts were concerned about coming off a bye week. Their rhythm might have been disrupted from having an unusual weekend off.

"Our bodies are so used to competing every weekend," Mak said. "While the coaches wanted to rest us, we didn't want to have a lull in training. We had great practices and it showed tonight."

The Beavers dominated the vault by taking the top three spots. Kelsi Blalock was second with a personal-best 9.875.

OSU jumped out to a lead after the first rotation and cruised to the finish. The Beavers landed all of their vaults and scored a 49.250.

Momentum continued into the uneven bars as the team scored a 49.325. The routines were all precise. That lineup has been OSU's most consistent.

The Beavers took the top four spots on the bars, highlighted by a personal-record by Stephanie McGregor (9.875).

"On vault, we hit it and hit it," Mak said. "The lineup got stronger as it went. We just wanted to keep the ball rolling and not let little mistakes stop us. Same with bars. Everyone had great handstands, and they were aggressive throughout."

The Beavers did solid work on the beam, but the judges were tight - really tight. It wasn't until Mak, a beam standout, received a 9.900 did they loosen up.

OSU scored a 49.000 on the event, won the top four spots and shared fifth place. The team score was the bare minimum threshold teams shoot for on an event.

"The scoring was consistent across the beam with the other teams," Chaplin said. "For us to break above that was good. It was hard to get those scores, but you look at the performances and they are improving on them. Sometimes you have to separate the scores from the performances. The scores can change based on where you go."

The floor was a challenge this time, but OSU scored a 49.100. Makayla Stambaugh stepped out of bounds and Ranzy fell on her final tumbling pass.

Both of those are uncharacteristic mistakes for the team's top gymnasts on the floor. Chaplin expects those issues not to happen again.

"We'll get back in there and keep working away," Chaplin said. "We'll clean it all up, and their confidence is right there. We just have to keep it going."

Team scores: Oregon State 196.675, Washington 195.725, San Jose State 193.050, UC Davis 192.950


1. Britney Ranzy (OSU) 9.925, 2. Kelsi Blalock (OSU) 9.875, 2. Becky Colvin (OSU) 9.875, 4. Amanda Cline (W) 9.825, 5. Makayla Stambaugh (OSU) 9.800, 5. Aliza Vaccher (W) 9.800, 5. Meg Whitney (W) 9.800, 5. Thomasina Wallace (SJ) 9.800, 9. Leslie Mak (OSU)9.775, 9. Lauren Rodgers (W) 9.775.

Uneven bars

1. Leslie Mak (OSU) 9.900, 2. Stephanie McGregor (OSU) 9.875, 2. Makayla Stambaugh (OSU) 9.875, 2. Olivia Vivian (OSU) 9.875, 5. Kristen Linton (W) 9.850, 5. Samantha Walior (W) 9.850, 7. Thomasina Wallace (SJ) 8.825, 8. Brittany Harris (OSU) 9.800, 8. Jen Kesler (OSU) 9.800, 8. Ruby Engreitz (W) 9.800.

Balance beam

1. Leslie Mak (OSU) 9.900, 2. Olivia Vivian (OSU) 9.800, 3. Brittany Harris (OSU) 9.775, 3. Jen Kesler (OSU) 9.775, 5. Kelsi Blalock (OSU) 9.750, 5. Haley Bogart (W) 9.750, 5. Samantha Walior (W) 9.750, 5. Erika Van Dyke (UCD) 9.750, 5. Anna Shumaker (UCD) 9.750, 10. Melanie Jones (OSU) 9.700.

Floor exercise

1. Melanie Jones (OSU) 9.900, 1. Kristen Linton (W) 9.900, 3. Leslie Mak (OSU) 9.850, 3. Ruby Engreitz (W) 9.850, 5. Olivia Vivian (OSU) 9.825, 5. Samantha Walior (W) 9.825, 7. Lauren Rogers (W) 9.800, 7. Thomasina Wallace (W) 8.900, 7. Michelle Ho (UCD) 9.800, 10. Kelsi Blalock (OSU) 9.775, 10. Aliza Vaccher (W) 9.775, 10. Paige Bixler (W) 9.775, 10. Katie Valleau (SJ) 9.775.

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