Quarterback Peter Lalich is off the Oregon State football team and defensive tackle Brennan Olander must complete his court-ordered community service to be able to practice with the team, coach Mike Riley said Thursday.

Lalich was suspended for three games for his May 7 boating DUI in Shasta, Calif., using OSU's code of conduct as a guide. However, after Riley and Lalich talked, it became clear that suspension ended the quarterback competition.

Sophomore Ryan Katz, who was the leader out of spring practice, would have been the starter the first three games, and coaches expect him to take control of the position.

Lalich, a third-year junior who transferred from Virginia in 2008 after two alcohol-related incidents forced him off that team, would be relegated to backup status the rest of his career.

The decision was made for Lalich to explore his opportunities elsewhere, Riley said.

"I've delayed this decision because I've been thinking about this a long time," Riley said. "What avenue will we have for Pete to continue football and his education? What we have in place, it wasn't going to work here. I talked to him about it. The summary was he wasn't going to have an opportunity to play at Oregon State."

Lalich could play this season for an NCAA Division III team. If he sat out this season he could play at a Division I-AA or II school.

Another major-college Division I team is out of the question because of his previous transfer. That's why OSU gave him a blanket release to go anywhere he wishes.

"I hate when we have to eliminate someone," Riley said. "With this situation, our goal is to help him find something positive for his future. I told him it doesn't have to be a life sentence. For Peter Lalich the next choices he makes are important."

Lalich has a court date in June about his DUI, but Riley didn't want to wait and let the situation play out in the legal system.

He had enough information not to delay the decision too long. The short delay was for Riley to think about it more.

Riley didn't want to let the decision linger in order for the Beavers to move on and allow Lalich time to find another team if he chooses.

"Did the past enter into it, not really," Riley said. "He had a rough start here. But when he put his mind to it he did well. He did what he could to change. I was initially, with the information we had (about Lalich), I became optimistic about giving another opportunity. When it doesn't work it's disappointing."

Olanader, a senior starter, was sentenced to 65 hours of community service and must complete them by Aug. 8 to practice with the Beavers when they open training camp.

There will be no other punishment such as game suspensions for his part of the March 18 golf cart joy ride with former OSU quarterback Lyle Moevao and linebacker Keaton Kristick.

They pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle and received different amounts of community service.

Olander received more hours than the others because he pleaded guilty to second-degree theft in 2009 for riding a stolen adult tricycle.

Riley looked at the two incidents - buying a stolen bike and jumping on a back of a golf cart -as dumb mistakes with no bad intentions.

"Brennan has to make good choices the rest of the time here, and the rest of his life," Riley said. "That is appropriate (punishment) considering what he was involved in."

Riley said due to his good behavior between the two incidents there was no reason to consider the first one in the punishment for this situation.

Olander was suspended for a game last season but was hurt and missed games at the beginning of the season anyway.

Plans are for Olander to complete his community service at the Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis. Riley said that's a good place for him since he likes working with children.

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