Markus Wheaton and Jordan Poyer were emotionally drained Saturday night.

Oregon State’s two senior standouts felt the anguish of another loss to Oregon.

Their class will never know what it’s like to win a Civil War. The last time the Beavers won was in 2007 when they were in high school.

“I’ve been here four years and I knew some guys on that (Oregon) team,” Poyer said. “I wanted it for our seniors and I wanted to build this program. All I can do now is be a man and learn from it. We have two games left, and we will learn from it.”

Both players gave their best effort, but it was still a forgettable night. There was so much at stake with a four-game losing streak to the Ducks going into the game and a potential high-end bowl game with a win.

“Just winning the game, senior night, was more important than ever beating the Ducks,” Wheaton said. “Where our team could have went if we won this game is in the back of my mind. That’s what hurts.”

Poyer banged his knee that took him out of the game briefly. He even got into a minor scuffle with Oregon’s De’Anthony Thomas.

Wheaton dropped some passes and he fumbled on a punt return when he had to sub for Poyer when he was hurt.

“I don’t know how to explain it. It wasn’t my day,” Wheaton said. “There were bad plays that shouldn’t have been there.”

Mannion meltdown

Quarterback Sean Mannion had another rough game, throwing four interceptions, including three in the second half. He now has 13 this season to tie his touchdown passing total.

“A lot of it is not forcing it,” Mannion said. “I have to know when to check it down and throw it away. While we might be down a score or two, there’s no need for me to force it. There’s no 17-point touchdown.”

Receiving numbers

Wheaton, who caught seven passes for 98 yards, surpassed 1,000 for the season in the first quarter and has 1,084, the seventh-best total in OSU single-season history.

Brandin Cooks had already passed 1,000 and has 1,113 now, sixth in OSU single-season history. He and Wheaton are the first OSU receiving duo with 1,000 yards each since Mike Hass and James Newson in 2003.

Questionable calls

The Beavers couldn’t get their deep passing game going because the Ducks covered Wheaton and Cooks well. Coach Mike Riley, however, had a different take.

“They were disruptive early,” Riley said. “We tried to get that going. I thought we needed a couple pass interference calls. They hit Markus at least twice when the ball was in the air. They grabbed Brandin once.”

Fake punt call

The Beavers used a fake punt for their initial first down of the game in the first quarter. They were on their own 29-yard line and Terron Ward took the snap for a yard.

The play was set up from a new formation that didn’t put punter Keith Kostol back for the snap, but closer to the line like a running back. He then shifted back into his regular spot.

On the first play, Kostol got off a 56-yard rugby punt. On the second, Kostol didn’t move and the snap went to Ward.

Quick hits

Mannion threw his 29th career passing TD to tie Matt Moore (2005-06) for fifth in school history. ... Defensive end Scott Crichton has 16 tackles for loss to tie for ninth in OSU single-season history.

Cliff Kirkpatrick covers Oregon State sports for the Gazette-Times. He can be reached at

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Markus Wheaton cost the Beavers at least 5 first downs with dropped passes that clanked off his steel hands. CLANK! OH SNAP!

Then there was his wonderful attempt to catch that punt. Falling forward.. CLANK! OH SNAP! fumble ducks recover!

Wheaton you have been a good Beaver but you handed the ducks that game son. Anguish.. LOL

Be happy you were extraordinary for them.

Way to step up for the BIG GAME of the year.

Paul K
Paul K

Hmmmm. No mention of the body slam perpetrated on DeAnthony Thomas for all of us watching the game on broadcast.. No room for that kind of behavior and the refs missed it right in front of them.


As for DeAnthony, we'll never know all that was going back and forth cheap shot and trash talk wise, but obviously Poyer slammed him, and I've seen Jordan do some other things like that during the year. Never good, but the Beavs have taken more than they've dished out cheap shot wise I think.

As for Wheaton, even the greatest players have occasional bad games, so give him a break. Saying "Be happy you were extraordinary for them" is a verbal cheap shot that implies it was a bad moral decision on Markus's part to make mistakes, as if he just didn't care when he suited up that day. It's disappointing when our guys stumble, but Markus wasn't the only one, and I'm sure nobody feels worse about it than he does.
I get tired of the harsh carping by "fans" when things go wrong.
Look for Markus to kick butt in the Beavers bowl game like he has all year and most of his fine career at OSU.

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