Oregon State senior football player Jordan Poyer was arrested over the weekend on a misdemeanor charge of second-degree criminal trespass, according to a report from the Corvallis Police Department.

Poyer, 21, was detained by staff members at the Impulse Bar and Grill, 1425 N.W. Monroe Ave., near campus during an altercation at 1:52 a.m. Saturday.

It wasn’t Poyer’s first incident at Impulse: On Feb. 5, he was asked to leave the premises.

OSU football officials know of the incident and say it’s being handled internally and continue to gather facts.

The Gazette-Times contacted Poyer but he declined comment. On his Twitter account, he wrote: “It was no barfight, ppl that know me know im not like that. Big misunderstanding on what really happen, but it is what it is. This situation got blown wayyy out of porportion its almost funny.”

According to Poyer’s mother, Julie, the Feb. 5 incident occurred when he tried to get into the bar before he was 21. He’s since turned 21 and returned to the bar on Saturday morning, but the bouncer called the police.

“He was cited for trespass and is now very aware that the bar does not want him there,” Julie Poyer wrote on the Gazette-Times OSU football blog. “There was no fight. He was not taken into custody.”

She did not return emails for more clarification.

Poyer was an all-conference starting cornerback and special teams standout last season, and is considered an NFL prospect next year.

This is the second recent incident at Impulse to involve OSU football players. Malcolm Marable, a 20-year-old sophomore cornerback, was arrested on charges of violent conduct on May 6 at 12:04 a.m. after he allegedly hit a campus-area nightclub security person while trying to free teammate Ryan Murphy.

Murphy, 19, was detained by an Impulse staff member because he allegedly tried to enter the bar using the driver’s license of teammate Anthony Watkins. Murphy was cited for trespassing and misrepresentation of age.

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