CHICAGO - The sixth-ranked Oregon State gymnastics team posted another big score on the road on Friday, finishing second at the IGI Chicago Style Invitational with a score of 196.350.

The Beavers beat No. 10 UCLA (196.300) just two weeks after a narrow miss at home, and fell just short of No. 2 Stanford's score of 196.475.

Leslie Mak led the Beavers with a third-place finish in the all-around at 39.250.

"I'm extremely happy with the performances we've put up lately," OSU coach Tanya Chaplin said. "We've had an odd schedule so far with short weeks and early starts and this team has continued to succeed despite those obstacles as well as a continuously changing lineup.

Britney Ranzy and Kelsi Blalock highlighted the vault for OSU with matching scores of 9.875, the second-highest of the meet.

Jen Kesler posted a season-high 9.875 on bars, and Mak delivered a 9.90 to tie for the event title.

Kesler led the beam rotation with a 9.825. Mak and Blalock both scored 9.80.

The Beavers tied their season-high of 49.225 on the floor. Melanie Jones and Makayla Stambaugh delivered back-to-back scores of 9.875.

Oregon State returns to Gill Coliseum on Feb. 25 for the 31st Salbasgeon Suites Invitational when it hosts Washington, San Jose State and UC Davis at 7 p.m.

Team Scores: No. 2 Stanford 196.475; No. 6 Oregon State 196.350; No. 10 UCLA 196.300.

All-Around: 1. Shelley Alexander (STAN) 39.375; 2. Allyse Ishino (STAN) 39.300; 3. Leslie Mak (OSU) 39.250.

Vault (49.075): 1. Tauny Fratton (UCLA) 9.900; T2. Kelsi Blalock (OSU), Britney Ranzy (OSU), Alyssa Brown (STAN) 9.875. Other OSU Scores: Becky Colvin 9.825; Makayla Stambaugh 9.775; Leslie Mak 9.725; Stephanie McGregor 9.100.

Uneven Bars (49.125): T1. Leslie Mak (OSU), Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs (UCLA), Samantha Peszek (UCLA), Allyse Ishino (STAN), Nicole Pechanec (STAN) 9.900. Other OSU Scores: Jen Kesler 9.875; Makayla Stambaugh 9.850; Brittany Harris 9.775; Stephanie McGregor 9.725; Olivia Vivian 9.300.

Balance Beam (48.925): 1. Shelley Alexander (STAN) 9.900; 2. Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs (UCLA) 9.875; 3. Jen Kesler (OSU) 9.825. Other OSU Scores: Leslie Mak 9.800; Kelsi Blalock 9.800; Olivia Vivian 9.750; Brittany Harris 9.750; Melanie Jones 9.750 (Exhibition - Makayla Stambaugh 9.725).

Floor Exercise (49.225): T1. Olivia Courtney (UCLA), Ashley Morgan (STAN) 9.900; T3. Melanie Jones (OSU), Makayla Stambaugh (OSU), Shelley Alexander (STAN) 9.875. Other OSU Scores: Britney Ranzy 9.850; Leslie Mak 9.825; Olivia Vivian 9.800; Kelsi Blalock 9.800 (Exhibition - Becky Colvin 9.750).

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