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Last year, Sabrina Gill was testing the waters for the first time as a college gymnast.

Gill spent the season at Oregon State getting acclimated like most athletes do as freshmen.

Gill competed primarily on vault and beam and was steady on both, averaging 9.770 on vault and 9.784 on beam. She had a career high of 9.900 on beam at the Pac-12 Championships.

OSU coach Tanya Chaplin said Gill has a better understanding of college gymnastics and what it's about versus club or international gymnastics.

"I think freshman year was a good test run," Gill said. "Now I know what I'm getting myself into and I was definitely more prepared coming in. I knew what it took and how much hard work we had to put in."

This season the Beavers are looking to Gill to step up as an all-arounder, and she's come through so far.

Last weekend at Utah, Gill set three career-bests on the way to an all-around score of 39.350.

Gill scored 9.850s on bars and beam and had 9.825s on vault and floor.

"I think going into that meet, myself and the whole team, we didn't really have too many expectations of beating Utah or trying to get a certain score, we were just really focusing on trying to hit each routine to the best of our abilities and then just see how everything's going to unfold," Gill said.

"We just tried to have so much fun and they had a loud crowd, so we were trying to match them, so I think that really helped with our confidence. It was a lot of fun."

The Utes drew 14,915 to the Huntsman Center for the meet.

Gill said she was right at home in front of a big audience for a gymnastics competition. She competed in several big international meets for the Canadian national team before coming to Corvallis.

"I've been in pretty big crowds when I've been competing for years now, but that was like probably the loudest crowd I've been a part of," Gill said. "The fact that they weren't even cheering for us — we used their energy and their loudness for us — yeah, I think that really helps. I like the adrenaline of the loudness and the cheering and stuff. I use that to my advantage."

After getting through the freshman initiation to college gymnastics last season, Gill took it easy for much of the offseason to limit impact on her body.

She did quite a bit of physical conditioning to get stronger.

"And I did a lot of cardio work, especially for bars and floor routines, so I think that helped me a lot for this season," she said.

Chaplin said she was convinced that Gill would be able to develop into a strong all-arounder and is happy to see the early progress.

Gill worked on all four events during practice last season.

"So it was something that she was training before, but now she's really worked right into those lineups," Chaplin said. "And she would have been in those lineups last year had she been in the same place, so it wasn't just because of the loss of the senior class. Where she's at right now would have made our lineups last year on those two events. So it's great to see how she's upped her game."

Gill said she loves competing all-around but was a little stressed out about it before the start of the season.

"But Tanya told me, she used to do all-around when she was a gymnast, she said just think of it like each event you go to is your certain team," Gill said. "Like, OK, now I'm going to the bar team and now I'm on the vault team, instead of being overwhelmed and thinking, 'Oh my God, I have to do four events.' So that's what I've been thinking of and I think that's been helping."


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