The reaction from the overflow crowd at the CH2M Hill Alumni Center was a collective gasp of astonishment when seeing the results of the Oregon State athletic department’s rebranding.

Fans were uneasy leading up to Nike’s unveiling of the new uniforms and logos.

Nike, however, stayed true to OSU’s tradition, while adding to the look of the uniforms. The biggest change is the Beaver logo to a more sleek, fierce appearance.

“The reaction by the crowd was great,” athletic director Bob De Carolis said. “Whenever you do these things you don’t know what you are going to get. It’s kind of like art. So it was great to see everyone positive about it.”

Oregon State kept the OSU and dropped the OS and there’s a new Beavers script, while the font and design borrow from the classic look of the 1960s. The print font has notches in the lettering to symbolize a beaver chewing. The color scheme remains orange, black and white. Metallic bronze will be added as a trim.

“I love it,” football coach Mike Riley said. “We talked (with Nike) about the things they wanted to put into it — heritage, tradition. It’s new, but I think it’s us. That’s why (Nike) wanted to talk with us through this to tie it all in.”

The football uniforms added stripes on the shoulders from the Giant Killers era. There are three different football uniforms with all black, all white and all orange.

All the helmets have stripes from front to back in the center. The white helmet has the Beaver head, the black helmet is plain and the orange helmet has the jersey number on the side.

De Carolis said they’ll stick with those three combinations at first, but players like the idea of creating many combinations with the colors.

“I was in awe when I first saw them,” linebacker D.J. Alexander said. “I knew it was going to be something special, but I didn’t know it was going to be that good. The main thing is they are comfortable. We can play in them. They are fast and light. They look clean and nice. It’s not too much and not too little.”

The men’s soccer uniforms have the European club team look with a diagonal design on the front and the basketball jerseys have the Beaver head shaded on their backs.

“I love them and I love how each jersey says Oregon State different,” basketball player Roberto Nelson said. “I like the orange, especially. It brings back the history of Oregon State with the OSU across the chest. It works well on the jerseys and apparel. I like the Beaver on the back of the jersey.”

OSU’s rebranding concluded a two-year process with Nike. The Beavers tried to update themselves over the years with limited success.

When an apparel contract with Nike was renewed the conversation turned with a total rebrand.

OSU liked the idea of having a uniform look for all its teams, and the contemporary look would help in recruiting as an appeal to young people. The Beavers saw how the Oregon Ducks benefited from a Nike rebrand in the 1990s.

“I definitely think so,” Nelson said of helping recruiting. “Oregon does that a lot and I think that’s what gets them a lot of athletes. So with us having these new jerseys and rebranding for the whole school, it will help out the recruiting process.”

De Carolis admitted that uniforms don’t win games or championships, but it’s what the players like. And he wants to give them what attracts the top players, which in turn leads to more wins.

Alexander agreed. Before he arrived, he saw the Giant Killer retro Pro Combat jerseys. He wanted to try those on when he joined the team.

“When they said they were going to rebrand, I couldn’t wait,” Alexander said. “So yes, it does play a role in recruiting. Young guys like looking clean, looking like Oregon with all the uniforms that pop. When recruits look at that they get excited and want to be a part of that.”

Cliff Kirkpatrick covers Oregon State sports for the Gazette-Times. He can be reached at

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The white uniform makes them look like nice little fancy boys. Ohhh...scary...we've got to play against the fancy boys next week. OSU got punked by the Nike Ducks again.


I have mixed feelings about the new branding, but my main question is: where's the baseball/softball unis? Two of the strongest sports programs at OSU right now are baseball and softball -- are there plans to have Nike unveil new uniforms for those teams, too? That's an honest question, I wasn't at the unveiling, so I don't know if anyone has mentioned those programs getting "rebeaved" too...


I actually like a lot about the new uniforms. They look crisp while maintaining a traditional font and striping.

My concerns are two-fold.

First, we lost "uniqueness" by leaving the "OS" behind and returning to sharing OSU with two other major universities There is something iconic about lettering versus logos. Nike deprived us of unique lettering. (Look how noticable the fluorescent zero is for the school in Eugene) Now what is unique with Oregon State is as memorable as the turtle logo for the University of Maryland.

Secondly, "hip hip hooray" is nice for Riley, but putting that on the football teams' socks seems like Nike punking us like they did with the old BRA jerseys. I don't think that "hip hip hooray" will impress recruits. I also don't believe that opponents will be intimidated by a team with "hip hip hooray" on their socks.

colonel panic

Whoever came up with OS was an idiot. Upside down it says "SO" and you can also read it as the 0's or zeros. I graduated from OSU not OS! Who cares if a couple of other universities use the same initials.


Good job Beavs. I really like the uniforms, though at first the new beaver head seemed a bit generic and unoriginal. I think they could've done better, but it's better than staying with the old one, and in just a few days it is already starting to grow on me. It will look better in action on the uniforms than it does up close in a stock photo I think.


Once we had Benny. Then we got a "new" fighting beaver. Now what do we have ? Sub-Sonic ... the pissed-off Willamette River Nutria. Please if we can't go back to Benny find something that at least looks like a Beaver!

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