It's a go for Daniel Gomis.

Gomis got the OK to practice for the first time with the Oregon State men's basketball team after breaking his leg last summer.

He was on the Gill Coliseum court on Wednesday.

It was clear that Gomis isn't quite 100 percent, but it was a step forward for the 6-foot-10, 225-pound freshman out of Senegal.

He got gassed easily and looked gimpy, but showed bursts of energy.

"His leg is still really weak," OSU coach Craig Robinson said. "He's sort of hobbling around out there."

Nevertheless, it was good news for Gomis and the Beavers.

Robinson said he expected Gomis to be ready around mid-December.

"That was a good emotional and psychological and mental lift for the whole team because they really like Daniel," Robinson said.

"You can imagine being here the whole year and not being able to play. He was down in the dumps some days and all the guys could feel it, so it was really nice to have him out there."

As for whether Gomis plays this season, Robinson said he's not going to force the issue.

He wants to give Gomis plenty of time to fully heal.

The Beavers are doing well with their current roster and as long as they stay injury-free, Robinson said Gomis would be a great addition to next year's freshman class.

"I want to see how long it takes him to strengthen that leg," Robinson said. "If it takes him a while to just get used to running, it doesn't seem like there's any reason to throw him in there."

Robinson said he would take another look at the situation after Christmas.

"He'll be working out with the team in practice every day," Robinson said. "And then probably after that first conference weekend I'll be able to tell whether or not we should redshirt him for real."

Finals week trap?

It's finals week at OSU and it can get a little loopy at practice for the players.

They spend hours studying, so they tend to get a little giddy on the basketball court.

No problem if the Beavers didn't have to play Idaho on Friday evening.

Robinson said sloppy play has followed in the last three games during exam weeks.

"Except for the USC game last year, which we had some time to practice before we played that game," he said. "This one, we don't practice at the same time every day, some guys have to leave for exams, some guys are coming in late and it's just all kinds of booby traps set for you to not to play well."

A 6-1 start alleviates some of the worry.

"I'm going to say that they should be able to handle it just by the way they've been going about their business this year," Robinson said.

Home sweet home

The Beavers are in a stretch of five consecutive home games.

They've already taken care of business in one with a 71-46 win over Montana on Sunday, but the Beavers want to go undefeated in Gill.

Never lose at home is Joe Burton's motto.

"It's our home court, so we should protect it and we should win, for us and for the fans here coming to watch," forward Joe Burton said.

"It's a big deal for us to take pride in protecting Gill and coming out victorious for everybody."

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