Details for PINGS GARDEN

Lunch Served

Tue-Sat • 11am-3pm


Lunch ($6.95) Dinner ($9.50)
Monthly Special #1 (New November)

Deep fried shrimp, Sweet & Sour Pork, Vegtable Lo Mien & Pork Fried Rice.
Served with a cup of egg flower soup. Hot & Sour soup 50¢ more.
(Soup TO GO Request)

Monthly Special #2 (Cashew Nut Combo)

Shrimp, Diced chicken, celery, Carrots, green peppers and onions, water
chestnuts, green peas stired fired in a white sauce. Topped with cashew nuts.
Served with choice Pork Fried Rice or steamed Rice and a cup of egg flower
soup. Hot & sour soup 50¢ more.
WE Also Can make Gluten Free Dish Too. Call and Ask About it.

1206 9th Ave. Albany •

Take Out 541-967-7367