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Phillip Jackson
June 25, 1939 to June 17, 2019
Phillip Jackson was born on
June 25, 1939 in Wichita Kansas,
to parents Willard C. and
Mary (nee Beatty), the youngest
of four boys. At his father’s
passing in 1945, he and his
brothers were raised by his
mother and stepfather, Perl
Jackson Cluster. The family
grew to include a sister Peggy
and brother Clyde.
Enlisting in the U.S. Army
in 1961, Phil served during the
initial years of the Vietnam
Conflict, a legacy that would
include a son in the Marine
Corps and another son and
daughter-in-law as career officers
in the U.S. Army. After leaving
the military, Phil enrolled at
Oregon State University and
graduated in 1971 with a degree
in elementary and secondary
education. He would later
graduate from the University
of Oregon with a master’s
degree in education, specializing
in childhood development.

In 1972 Phil accepted a
position at the historic Sodaville
Elementary School, beginning
a thirty-year career as a teacher
and school administrator. Just
two years later, he was offered
the position of principal of
the Plainview, Sand Ridge and
Denny School system, a small
unincorporated and historic
district that served students
from kindergarten through

eighth grade. He served as
principal until his retirement
in 1998. A dedicated teacher,
passionate about the educational
opportunities for rural children,
Phil celebrated the success of
generations of students, believing
that a quality education was
a fundamental right. An avid
reader, he worked to instill the
pleasure of literature and history
in others.
Inspired by work on the
family’s dairy farm in Colorado
as a teenage boy, Phil developed
the desire to farm and ranch at
an early age. Purchasing the
1862 Rice-family homestead
in Holley, Oregon in 1967, he
raised shorthorn cattle and
spent his summers in the fields.
Haying seasons in rural Oregon
were a ritual gathering time for
neighbors, family and friends
that Phil looked forward to each
Known for his quick wit
and warm, effusive greetings,

Phil was deeply committed to
friends and family and deeply
loved. While he had four children
of his own, he was a father figure
and mentor to many children
over his lifetime. Phil passed
away on June 17 and will be
deeply missed.
Phil Jackson’s sons, as well
as his brother Sam Jackson and
his family, invite old friends,
neighbors, and former students
to join them in a celebration of
Phil Jackson’s life on Saturday,
August 24, at the home of Tami
Volz and Mark Spurgeon: 1533
NE South Nebergall Loop,
Albany, Oregon, 97321.
There will be an open house
from 4 to 7 pm, with a brief
commemorative service at 5:30,
preceded and followed by the
celebration of a life well lived.
We invite you to come share your
memories with us.


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