Details for Legend Homes, Inc. - Ad from 2019-11-09

New Homes Now Selling
Open Saturday & Sunday
11AM to 3PM or by appt
2 1?L@$?A*; (=?A /#/' 3K
2 Single family homes from
-//C 3K D@, Q)OOFCCC
2 0> 9? ) :*,=??A;F + :D9$;F
Master and Guest Suites on
GD!@F :?@7; 4??A;F M G?=*&

Kearney Townhome, Lot 40

Contact Lee Eckroth today for more info at
541-760-4742 or

Kearney Townhome, Lot 40
3** 3DN*; 4*>=*;*@9D9!6* (?= ,*9D!N;E NDJ; ?=
L=!99*@ AD9*=!DN;E :7!N9 BJ H*%*@, I?A*;F 88: "''/'/E


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