Details for HENDRIX HEATING & AIR CONDITIO - Ad from 2020-01-13

If you’re suffering from... • • • • sneezing stuffy and/or runny nose itchy eyes, throat and ears difficulty breathing • • • • dry coughing skin rash feeling sick low-grade fever If you answered “yes” to any of these, then it’s quite possible your home is triggering winter allergies. Because of the colder and harsher winter weather, you’re likely to spend more time indoors and increase your exposure to indoor allergy triggers like mold & dust. That’s why indoor air quality is just as important NOW as it is in the spring and summer allergy seasons. We have two excellent solutions that will help you breathe easier both now and in the spring and summer months. Call us today at (888) 610-6760 to learn more and schedule your installation! A “whole home” air cleaner that works in conjunction with your home’s central HVAC system. Peace of Mind is knowing your home will be comfortable and that you are backed by Hendrix Heating’s 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and the best warranties in the business. Why did I wait so long? The ductless system is incredible! I could have saved thousands in energy costs by now. And I'm so glad I chose Hendrix. The installers were awesome and their pre and post-installation customer service couldn't have been better! Mike A “zonal” air cleaning source that reduces allergens and odors in homes up to 3,000 sq. ft. Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner (F300) Portable Air Scrubber $999.00* $699.00 *Varies w/Installation Life Comfort for Toll Free: (888) 610-6760 • • 24-7 Emergency Service • CCB# 95758