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Tax Problems: RESOLVED
There are many ways we can tackle
IRS or State tax relief together:
✔Tax Levies & Liens Release

✔Resolve Back Taxes

✔Wage Garnishment Release ✔Payroll Tax Negotiation
✔Stop Penalties and Interest
✔Tax Debt Negotiation &

✔Tax Preparation &
Bookkeeping Services




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Anthem offers a money-back guarantee designed to help you avoid wasting money on ineffective tax services.
We will gather as much information from you as necessary and work with tax authorities to give you the best
chance of reducing your tax debt. If for any reason that does not work out, and the government notifies us they
refuse to reduce your overall tax liability or monthly payments by any amount, we will gladly refund you the fees
you paid for our services in trying to reduce that debt. Money Back Guarantee does not apply to Bookkeeping
and Tax Preparation Services.