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Understanding VA
Funeral Benefits

Weddle Funeral
Service Lebanon
proudly serves the
men and women
who have served
our country. Ryan
Steele and his
wife Natasha own
and operate the
funeral home.
They are a veteran
and family owned
business. Ryan is
an Army veteran
and member of the
American Legion
and Veterans of
Foreign Wars.
He has served a
combat tour in Iraq, conducted
military funeral honors with
the Oregon Honor Guard and
worked at Willamette National
Cemetery as a representative.
While at Willamette, he helped
veterans and their spouses
with eligibility, services and
military honors. During his
tenure, Ryan witnessed
many veterans and their
families who were under the
impression that the Veteran’s
Administration pays for
everything, which is simply
not the case. Additionally, he

met with families who had no
idea about what they were
entitled to because no one took
the time to educate them. He
understands the importance
of educating veterans and
their families on what they
are entitled to receive as part
of their honorable service.
Ryan and Natasha work
with several veteran service
organizations, the National
Cemetery Administration, in
addition to all military service
branches. Many veterans are
under the impression that their
funeral or cremation is 100%

paid for by the
VA; however, this
is not exactly the
case. It’s important
that veterans have
access to their
honorable discharge
papers, sometimes
called a DD214
or “separation
papers”. “It’s
our pledge as a
veteran owned and
operated business
to ensure that every
veteran is honored,
educated and
receives the benefits they
are entitled. Our costs to
help veterans for a simple
cremation is $665 as we want
families to have an affordable
option, but we also help many
families arrange for memorial
services and work with many
veteran organizations to be
part of honoring”, says Ryan
Steele. If you or your loved one
would like information about
your funeral benefits please
give us a call at 503-769-2423
to schedule an appointment.

This facility is not financed or connected in any manner with any government agency or veteran’s or other organization.

Weddle Funeral Service Lebanon is located at 31 E. Ash St. Lebanon,
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