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"The Price"

From left: Laura Blackwell as Esther Franz, Robert Best as Victor Franz, director John Sams, Rob Otrembiak as Walter Franz and Dick Weinman as Gregory Solomon during a rehearsal for "The Price" at Corvallis Caring Place. The drama by Arthur Miller will have two performances Sunday in the Majestic Lab Theatre. 

Everyone makes choices in life, and many of those choices carry a price tag.

In Arthur Miller's award-winning play "The Price," two estranged brothers reunite after their father's death to sell his possessions. They reflect on past memories and the cost of their decisions.

The drama, directed by John Sams, has two performances Sunday at the Majestic Reader's Theatre.

"The Price," which premiered in 1968, is among Miller's best works, but it tends to get overshadowed by "Death of a Salesman" and "All My Sons," Sams said.

The production also uses just a single set, which lends itself well to reader's theater, he said.

In the play, Victor Franz, played by Robert Best, and his wife, Ester Franz (Laura Blackwell) are negotiating the sale of his parents' belongings left in the brownstone attic with an old secondhand furniture dealer, Gregory Solomon (Dick Weinman), who has just come out of retirement.

Victor's brother Walter (Rob Otrembiak), a successful doctor, returns years after an angry split with the family. Their father was hurt by the Great Depression, and couldn't afford to help them with college. The ambitious Walter left, not able to trust his father, while Victor stayed and became a police officer, a job he hated, to support his father.

"The two brothers each have part of the facts of their past and, until they exchange them, not anywhere near a true picture of the reality of their lives," Sams said.

Solomon isn't there just put a price on the furniture. He is the discussion facilitator, Sams said.

"He also finds three lives that he is instrumental in valuing," Sams added.

The director said he was lucky to have four veteran actors as the cast. He's worked with all of them before.

"It's a godsend when you walk in knowing each other and what to expect from the characters and that the other person is going to deliver," Sams said.

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