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A Corvallis man was arraigned Monday after he allegedly went on what authorities termed “a crime spree” that included pointing a handgun at a woman while he kidnapped her.

Trenton Huber, 20, was arrested on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges Sunday after a series of crimes at several locations that lasted 29 minutes, police said.

Monday in court, Huber’s attorney declined to enter a plea for the charges, and judge David B. Connell set bail at $800,000 for Huber.

A police narrative describing the series of incidents says they began with a 911 call in the 3100 block of Northwest Foxtail Place around 7 p.m. The caller, who was in his vehicle with his family in front of their residence, reported Huber approached their car and told them “I’m not going to hurt your family.” Huber then tried to open the doors of the vehicle but was unable to get inside because they were locked.

Huber walked away from the initial caller’s vehicle and encountered a father and 11-year-old son on the bike path near the south end of Northwest Shooting Star Drive. Huber approached the father and son and told them he wanted to know where their car keys and house were. Huber allegedly then grabbed the 11-year-old boy, put him in a headlock, almost choking him while walking him down the bike path. The boy’s father responded by striking Huber in the back until he released the boy. Huber allegedly then threatened to kill the father and son, before they fled to their residence. Huber did not follow them.

Huber encountered his next victim at Northwest Shooting Star Drive and Northwest Morning Glory Drive, according to authorities. Huber approached a woman in her 20s who was in her vehicle at the intersection. Huber knocked on the driver’s window and told the victim he needed help. When the victim rolled her window down, Huber allegedly pointed a handgun at her face and got into the back seat of her vehicle. Huber then kidnapped the woman and forced her to drive him from the area, authorities said.

During the kidnapping, Huber told the female victim she was going to party with him and his friends, according to authorities.

Huber took the victim’s cellphone and struck her multiple times when he thought she drove too fast, or too slow; keeping the gun pointed at her at the same time, he also fondled the victim while she was driving, police said.

At one point during the drive, Huber became enraged with the victim and allegedly kicked out a rear window of her vehicle. During the drive, the victim tried to convince Huber to release her. When she stopped at the intersection of Northwest 27th Street and Northwest Van Buren Avenue, the victim convinced Huber to let her out of the car. The female victim got out of the car and fled to a nearby business. Huber stole the victim’s car and drove away, according to authorities.

Huber took the victim’s car and drove to the 900 block of Northwest 25th Street and parked the car in the driveway of a residence; he left the vehicle and the handgun behind at that point, the press release stated. Police reportedly later found a loaded semi-automatic pistol in the car.

Huber allegedly approached a male walking in the area, pulled out a knife, and confronted the man, telling him he was coming with him. Huber slapped the male victim, but the victim fled to another location and called 911, according to authorities.

Huber then went to a nearby residence in the 2500 block of Northwest Lincoln Avenue, kicked open the back gate to the residence and entered the back yard, police said. As responding Corvallis police officers began to arrive, Huber jumped the fence into an adjacent yard in the 2500 block of Northwest Coolidge and entered the residence through an unlocked door, a press release said.

Huber was confronted by a male resident at which point Huber allegedly grabbed hold of the resident, but did not further harm him. Huber was taken into custody by Corvallis police officers as he exited the residence. Huber told the officers he had not hurt anyone, and asked to get a citation for minor in possession so he could leave, according to authorities.

Huber was charged with the following crimes: first-degree robbery, first-degree kidnapping, attempted second-degree kidnapping, two counts of unlawful use of a weapon, three counts of coercion, second-degree criminal mischief, three counts of unlawful use of a vehicle, two counts of harassment, and sex abuse in the third degree.

Huber, who was studying engineering at Oregon State University, has been barred from the campus until further notice, according to an OSU spokesman.

Steve Clark, vice president for marketing and university relations, said the university had issued an exclusion notice that prohibits Huber from entering OSU facilities, attending classes or participating in OSU activities. He said the exclusion order would remain in effect until the Office of the Dean of Student Life and the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards decide to lift it.

“We’re very concerned with this type of behavior and concerned about those he came in contact with,” Clark said.

Three of the alleged victims in the case are OSU students and are being offered counseling and other services by the university, Clark added.

Huber is due next in court Feb. 16 for a status check.

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