Middle school talent show

What two students served as middle school talent show hosts from a couch back in 2015?

While typing in the names of students set to graduate June 8, I had a few memories pop into my head. I had to do a name search on some of the kids to remind myself what I had interviewed them about, but I decided to put together a little quiz for you all to try out.

Here we go:

1) What two sisters that are part of the graduating class have the middle names of "Faith" and Hope"?

2) In January 2015, what two students, as eighth graders, served as hosts for the middle school talent show, mostly from the comfort of a couch?

3) What student was "Old Man" in "Beauty and the Beast"; Walter Hobbs and an elf in "Elf, Jr."; and most recently, the "Baker" in the production of "Into the Woods"?

4) What student completed her senior project at the Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis?

5) What two girls shared team captain responsibilities with the "Shining Stars"?

6) What student has spent time with country superstar Tim McGraw?

7) What senior played trombone with the state champion wind ensemble and caught passes on the football team?

8) Who was the only senior that participated with PHRED this past year?

9) Who didn't start playing football until his senior year and then had fumble and interception returns for touchdowns as a defensive lineman?

10) Can you name without looking at the list of graduates the two Aidans in the Class of 2019?

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1) Emma Faith Matthews and Hailey Hope Matthews

2) Jaime Chambers, Amity Coon

3) Matthew Goschie

4) Kylee Keim

5) Karina Cropp and Shayla Vick

6) Aundie McClelland

7) Jeremy Alston

8) Rafi Grossman-Naples

9) Marshall Brattain

10) Aidan Goff and Aidan McDonald

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