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It’s a tradition that I’m sure rings true in many of your own families — sitting around the Thanksgiving table and sharing what you’re thankful for. In my wife’s family, they also gather together, hold hands and sing a traditional Thanksgiving song. Family.

Covering a small community like Philomath has had an impact on my life. I’ve made some very good friends in Philomath and I feel like a part of the community with my reporting on so many events. I write stories with the professional, objective approach that I’ve grown up with in journalism, but I also write for Philomath with an angle geared toward readers.

I can’t help but smile when Jen Grube springs up from her seat thinking she won a turkey or feeling bad for our athletes when they come up short in a competition. I’m human and I guess you could say Philomath has become in some ways a part of my extended family. So here’s a short list of what I’m thankful when it comes to this small community that I love to cover:

• I’m thankful for the friends that I’ve made over the past five years covering this community. I became the Philomath Express editor in November 2014 with the inaugural edition coming out Jan. 7, 2015. When I suffered a serious health setback in 2016, friends from Philomath visited me in the hospital and brought me gifts to my home during those weeks of recovery.

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• I’m thankful for Drunken Noodles, pulled pork sandwiches and carne asada burritos at my favorite Philomath spots to eat. And I can’t leave out the Americanos that I seem to get about every day from my favorite pull-through coffee stand. Food and drink are obviously important to me.

• I’m thankful that both the Philomath School Board and Philomath City Council set out a table for me to work at while I’m covering their meetings (which can be lengthy). You’ve helped me stay on top of meetings better with more organized notes and you’ve also helped my neck pain go away (slumped over an iPad in my lap for hours can take a toll).

• I’m thankful that Philomath High coaches will still get me the information I need for a story even if they experience a bad loss. Those tasks are easy to get done when you win, but I imagine it can be a pain when you lose. You help me get sports news to our readers no matter what happens.

• And to wrap it up, I’m thankful for the readers that keep buying the paper. It’s nice to know you’re out there as I work hard to fill its pages with nothing but Philomath news every week. Without you, I wouldn’t be here.

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