Kings Valley Charter School

Students play on the swings Friday at Kings Valley Charter School. Executive Director Jamon Ellingson lauded the volunteer base but added that the school would like to figure out ways to engage parents more.

In an interview this afternoon with Kings Valley Charter School's executive director, Jamon Ellingson, we talked briefly about how the school interacts with parents. I wondered if they had a pretty good group of volunteers, which can be important in a small-school setting.

"We have a good volunteer base, I'd like to see more," he said. "I'd like to figure out ways to engage parents more. It is a little bit challenging being out here and parents have to come a long ways and so we try to have a few events a year to where kids are performing."

For example, students will perform at an outdoor concert in May, an event that Ellingson said usually brings in a couple hundred people. There are also events where students display their work.

"Creating events like that to get parents out to the school and give them a chance to meet their teachers and meet the community is important," Ellingson said.

The level of presence can also come down to the age of the students.

"In elementary school, we have a lot of participation from parents coming in and wanting to help out," Ellingson said. "I think a lot of times in the middle and high schools, kids are wanting to distance themselves from their parents a little bit so you don't see them in the classroom as much but we do try to get them involved in other ways. It continues to be something that we want to improve upon."

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