The trip included way too many indulgences.

While on a three-week vacation visiting family in Arizona, the peanut butter cookies baked by my mother-in-law and available daily on the kitchen counter in gallon-sized baggies created a particular challenge. Sure, it didn’t seem out of line to have one or two with my morning coffee. But that turned into three, four, five, six and then perhaps a half-dozen more for an afternoon snack.

Then there was the trip to the movie theater. Going it alone while my wife and son bonded with grandma, I took in the latest Tarantino flick. I didn’t make it past the snack bar without purchasing a large popcorn and large drink. It makes sense to get the large popcorn, right? It’s only 75 cents more than a medium. Unfortunately, I ate it all and suffered the consequences well into the evening.

So when I returned to my regular routine on the job this week week, a more sensible diet needed to be a priority. Weight that I had lost in previous months was a distant memory and a healthier approach to the dinner plate was in order.

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Then I stopped by the Philomath Police Department Thursday with a few questions for Ken Rueben on a story that I had planned to write. With it being the late-morning hour, we ended up going to lunch. And that’s how a large chimichanga found its way into my belly.

Later in the day while waiting for Music in the Park to begin, I found myself at the local fast-food joint downing a couple of burgers. Get a second one for $1 — too good to pass up. My reasoning was that I had already blown the diet earlier in the day with the chimichanga so it didn’t matter what I ate for dinner.

That’s the kind of reasoning that got me into this mess.

Oh well, I’ll start all over tomorrow, plan ahead when it comes to eating and shoot for those 10,000 steps on the Fitbit. Maybe someday I’ll make it up the stairs in our house without gasping for breath on the top step.

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