Donkey races

While the Frolic’s Chris Workman was describing the new wild steer races to me a few days ago, I was trying to envision how this could play out. As I write in a story about the rodeo, the contractor who had provided donkeys in past years sold off his stock and so organizers opted to give wild steers a try.

So I had to ask Chris … Is it safe?

“No or sane, but it’ll a lot of fun to watch,” he laughed as he added that participants must sign a liability waiver and kiddingly added that it might be smart to seek spousal consent. Darrell Hinchberger chimed in that extra EMTs will be on duty.

“The contest is teams of two to three and you’ve got to get the steer down to one end and back and one person has to be mounted on the steer when it crosses the finish line,” Workman explained.

Workman said interest has been pretty good.

“We’ve had some sponsors that wanted to have teams enter and that was the whole point of having the businessman’s race — so you could have different businesses competing against each other,” Workman said. “But we have had a lot of people sign up that just want to do it. It’s a lot of fun and you get to be in the arena in front of your friends and family.”

Once folks get a chance to see what it’s all about, participation may increase in the future. Or not.

“It’ll be the first time a lot of people will have seen it,” Workman said. “Even if the numbers are a little bit low this year, I would anticipate we would do it again next year and the numbers will be up.”

In other words, Workman believes people will think, “we’ve seen it and oh yeah, that looked like fun and nobody died, so we’ll give it a try next year.”

But as with any event, the Frolic’s board will give it a look as well after this year’s celebration.

“We’ll see how popular it is this first year,” Workman said. “For us, it works well. The expense is pretty minimal, the sponsor that’s raising the steers for the event, he’ll finish raising them and sell them and do his thing and so there’s really no cost for us.”

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