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Bernard Malamud

Had a blast working on my Thursday entertainment section story on former Oregon State instructor and award-winning novelist Bernard Malamud.

Malamud, who died in 1986, taught for 12 years at OSU and produced four of his most famous works while he was here, including “A New Life,” a satirical novel about his teaching days in Corvallis.

One of the people I interviewed for the story, OSU English Prof. Elena Passarello noted that she hoped people attending the dramatic readings of Malamud stories Saturday and Sunday at the Majestic would “run to Grass Roots or the Book Bin to buy more Malamud.”

Which got me thinking … how much Malamud is there in town? So I toured Browser’s, the Book Bin and Grass Roots. I did not ask for Malamud titles. I just catalogued what was on the shelves at the three stores.

Here is what I found:

Browser’s: The winner, with 8 titles on the shelves, including two copies apiece of Dubin’s Lives, Pictures of Fidelman and The Fixer. The store also carried the Malumud Reader and The People and Uncollected Stories.

Grass Roots: Had 5 titles, but they were all copies of the short story collection The Magic Barrel.

Book Bin: Offered three titles, Dublin’s Lives, A New Life and a book of interviews of Malamud.

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