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The Eugene Weekly, a lively component of the mid-valley journalism cornucopia, is now longer being distributed in Corvallis. Shame.

I’m an information junkie and regularly enjoy perusing copies of the Advocate and the Barometer at my usual lunch spot, University Hero on Fifth Street in downtown Corvallis.

Until recently, I had the same routine with the Eugene Weekly. Great letters to the editor, a cranky columnist named Tony Corcoran that I like plus a lot of entertainment news. Then, a few weeks ago I noticed that the Eugene Weekly newsw box outside of U-Hero had disappeared. I asked the owner, Bob Van Vleet, but he hadn’t heard a thing.

Then, unannounced, a person walked into the Gazette-Times office with a one-sentence question for Kay Roth, the customer service rep: What happened to the Eugene Weekly?

So I got busy, found an email address for the circulation department of the paper and got a response a couple of days later. Yes, I was told, the paper no longer is available in Corvallis. Paula Hoemann, the Weekly’s controller and circulation manager, advised me that “we are reorganizing our circulation footprint.”

Translation: It costs them more to truck the paper here than they get back in Corvallis-based ad revenue.

Still, Hoemann noted, the paper is available in 800 Lane County locations (which struck me as an extraordinarily high number) and online.

So now you know what happened to the Eugene Weekly.

No charge.

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