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Spencer Adkins said he’d use his newest business even if he wasn’t the owner.

After all, washing a dog in your shower or bathtub can get a bit messy.

“It’s terrible, hair everywhere. We have the white bathroom with the white towels and stuff,” Adkins said, as he rinsed off his black Labrador, Bella, at Personal Touch Dog Wash on Friday.

Personal Touch Dog Wash opened up about two months ago and consists of a dog washing machine in a small room at Personal Touch Car Wash, 5090 S.W. Philomath Blvd.

“It’s a pretty slick little unit. It’s pretty fun to use,” Adkins said.

Customers pay $10 to use the dog wash for 10 minutes, though Adkins said it usually doesn’t take that long to clean and blow-dry a canine. If a client goes over the time limit, the wash costs $1 per additional minute.

“Once people get the hang of it, they’re in and out in probably seven minutes,” Adkins said.

The machine has settings for shampoo, rinse, conditioner, and even a flea shampoo, which Adkins believes will be popular during the summer.

“These are all-natural products, too,” Adkins said.

The tub is clear and has an anti-slip mat so dogs will feel comfortable, and clients should use a disinfectant wash setting on the machine after their dogs are cleaned.

While a dog wash and car wash might not seem to go well together, Adkins said it’s amazing how many people take their dogs with them everywhere.

The dog wash also occupies a room that was unused at the car wash, so it only seemed natural to try to use that space for something worthwhile.

Those who go through the car wash can get a dog wash for $8.

Adkins bought Personal Touch Car Wash about a year ago and also owns Detailed Perfection, an auto detailing business on Third Street.

Adkins was one of the first members of the Austin Entrepreneurship Program at Oregon State University.

“They try to teach you how to run a business,” Adkins said.

In his last college class, he wrote the business plan for the detailing shop, and ended up implementing that about two years after graduating in 2008.

Adkins started detailing cars as a 15-year-old student at Crescent Valley High School. His first client was his mother, and then he detailed her friends’ vehicles before branching out.

Personal Touch Dog Wash is open during the same hours as Personal Touch Car Wash, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven days a week. For more information, call 541-602-5577.

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