Tacos El Machin, a popular Albany Mexican restaurant, has put a food cart in downtown Corvallis, and an adjacent bar could open in early March.

“We’re going to introduce Corvallis to street-style tacos,” said owner Noe Morales.

The Corvallis location will have the same familiar menu items as the Albany location, but add a focus on seafood, including ceviche, shrimp cocktails and more.

The bar will serve food as well, but minors will be excluded at all times. The food cart, however, will provide a fast and healthy Mexican option for residents young and old.

“The food is awesome,” said Steve Pratt, a salesman at Smith Glass next door.

It’s also relatively cheap. Tacos cost $2 or $2.25 for tripe or lengue (cow tongue).

Morales stressed that all of the salsas are made in house, and the meat options also include steak, chicken breast, pork and cabeza (cheek meat). Vegetarian tacos made with beans also are available.

Jarritos, a Mexican soda, nonalcoholic sangria and Mexican Coca-Cola made with real cane sugar are among the drink offerings.

When Tacos El Machin opened in Albany in 2014, it struggled in its early month, like many businesses. “But once people tasted the food, it caught on,” Morales said. “It makes me happy to see people enjoying my food.”

And he’s confident his food cart and bar will become popular in Corvallis, as well, especially since Oregon State University is nearby.

“We were really lucky we scored this place,” Morales said.

OSU also has people from Southern California and elsewhere who are used to street tacos, and that could boost business, Morales reasoned.

Tacos El Machin is at 1642 Pacific Blvd. SE in Albany.

The business’ Corvallis food cart is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day in Corvallis at 544 SW Fourth St. Suite 120.

For more information on Tacos El Machin, go to the business’ Facebook page.

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