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Oregon State University

Oregon State University recently announced the names of students who made its fall term scholastic honor roll.

A total of 1,483 students earned straight A's (4.0 grade-point average). Another 4,752 earned a B-plus (3.5 GPA) or better to make the listing. To be on the honor roll, students must carry at least 12 graded hours of coursework.

Philomath students on the honor roll included:

Straight-A average

Devin Z. Daeschel, senior, microbiology; Megan L. Kilgore, senior, sociology; Shea B. Looper, senior, human development and family science; Erik J. Swanson, senior, fisheries and wildlife science; Rachel A. Unema, junior, pre-bioengineering.

3.5 or better

Sadie J. Blake, junior, biohealth sciences; Dawson J. Brattain, freshman, university exploratory studies; Karlie D. Bullis, junior, political science; Paige A. Celorie, junior, environmental engineering; Breanna L. Davis, junior, human development and family science; Jensen S. Davis, freshman, pre-mechanical engineering; Danielle R. Gerding, junior, psychology; Dannon A. Gilbert, sophomore, pre-computer science; Kallie D. Hagel, junior, graphic design; Justice J. Heern, sophomore, pre-civil Engineering;

James J. Howell, freshman, pre-electrical and computer engineering; Emma L. Howie, junior, public health; Andrea L. Jacobs, sophomore, natural resources; Emily G. Jensen, sophomore, biohealth sciences; Justin D. Johnson, junior, tourism, recreation and adventure lead; Natalie D. LaFevre, freshman, pre-computer science; Anna Rose Lammers-Fullmer, sophomore, marketing; Walker A. Maddalozzo, senior, civil engineering; Brenna R. Marshall, junior, public health; Jared D. McMullen, sophomore, marketing;

Deanna F. Miller, junior, chemical engineering; Melynnda E. Overholtzer, freshman, biohealth sciences; Rosalina N. Page, freshman, English; Trevor J. Rose, senior, mechanical engineering; Trevor N. Sartnurak, senior, forest engineering; Laura R. Saunders, freshman, psychology; Megan E. Schmidt, senior, public health; Elena I. Wennstrom, Junior, university exploratory studies; Calvin C. Winney, senior, mechanical engineering.

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