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150 Years Ago


LECTURE: On last Thursday morning, having procured one of Simmons & Kiger’s No. 1 saddle horses — buggy riding being out of the question along the stage road, the Weekly Corvallis Gazette accompanied Bro. George, GWCT (Grand Worthy Chief Templar), to the “romantic regions of Long Tom.” We found the appointment made for the afternoon, consequently, the speaker had but little time for rest or refreshment. The audience not being large, the speaking was in the hall of Onward Lodge at Monroe Hotel. After the lecture, we returned to Corvallis, leaving the GWCT to attend a degree meeting in the evening. The next day, he designed going to Philomath and if opportunity offered, would address the people of that place on the subject of Temperance. (Based on an article published Feb. 6, 1869, in the Weekly Corvallis Gazette).

125 Years Ago


MISCELLANEOUS: The lost man of Oliver Creek turns out to be John Wesley Standruff, who is still unfound. It is said he was of a despondent nature and the supposition with some is that possibly he has taken his own life. … Times are getting harder and people are doubling up to save expenses. Sunday, the 4th inst., J.C. Minton and Clara Lytle were made on by Rev. J.W. Ingle. … Foot ball is all the rage now, and occasionally a man is laid up for repairs. … Rev. P.B. Williams lectured at Keezel Chapel Monday night. His subject being an arraignment of secret societies. His galling sayings held his audience spellbound for nearly an hour. (Published Feb. 7, 1894, in the Corvallis Times).

100 Years Ago


BUSINESS: The sawmill recently acquired by Cone & Johnson is busy sawing railroad ties. This is the mill formerly operated by S.S. Ewing. … Charles Madden is busy with a crew of men repairing the road over Alsea mountain. … Marion Lytle has taken over the mail route between Philomath and Big Elk and began his duties Monday morning. (Published Feb. 4, 1919, in the Daily Gazette-Times, Corvallis).

DEATH: Major Thomas Cowan Bell, president of Philomath College during the years 1885-86 and one of the several founders of the Sigma Chi fraternity, died yesterday at his home in Oakland, California. He was aged 86 years. The fraternity was founded June 28, 1855, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Moving to Oregon in 1885, Mr. Bell became president of Philomath College, principal of the Dallas Collegiate Institute and president of the Central Oregon State Normal School. (Published Feb. 6, 1919, in the Weekly Gazette-Times, Corvallis).

75 Years Ago


MILITARY: Two guests from overseas are resting from Merchant Marine duties. Their homes are in Amsterdam, Holland. They are at the H. Bar H. ranch. They are Hendrieas Ridder and Christian Van For Does. … Ensign Merle Haygood is visiting home folks. He is with the Seabees and has been in the Pacific area for some time. (Published Feb. 9, 1944, in the Eugene Register-Guard).

FARMERS: Saturday evening, Feb. 12, is going to be a big event in the calendar of Farmer’s Union members in Benton County, for there will be a party in Philomath, in the city hall, starting at 8 o’clock. It will be box supper night. A program is being arranged by the unions of Benton County. The Union has many matters of important business interest facing it this year and plans to get the ball rolling will be made Saturday. Ammon Grice and Harley Libby, state officer, will attend. There will be an open meeting in connection with the program and visitors are welcome to attend. (Published Feb. 7, 1944, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

50 Years Ago


HOSPITALIZED: Three Philomath residents are at Good Samaritan Hospital or home recuperating. Mrs. Tillma Waldron went to the hospital Sunday for tests. Bob Smith has been confined for 10 days with double pneumonia. Evan Shaw underwent surgery two weeks ago and now is home recuperating. (Published Feb. 6, 1969, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

GRANGE: Marys River Grange will hold a pinochle party, to which the public is invited, Saturday at 8 p.m. in the grange hall. There will be potluck dessert served for 50 cents a person. The first and second degree have been given to Mr. and Mrs. Avon Chambers, Mrs. Bea Johnson and Mrs. Amy Kirkland. (Published Feb. 6, 1969, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

25 Years Ago


BURLGARIZED: Philomath police added two more businesses to the list of five that were burglarized over the weekend. The Benton Bulletin at 1324 Main St., and Paul’s Place, at 1914 Main St.., were burglarized in addition to others that were reported Sunday, Sgt. Ray Sytsma said. None of the seven establishments reported anything missing, Sytsma said, except one. About $770 in cash was taken from the Price Creek Bakery, at 1120 Main St., after its windows were pried open. In the other burglaries, locks were twisted off the doors. The four other businesses that reported break-ins are Trillium Hair Design (137 S. 17th St.), Gary White’s office of the Farmer’s Insurance Group (125 S. 17th St.), Plaza Barber Shop (129 S. 17th St.) and Dairy Queen (1907 Main St.). (Published Feb. 8, 1994, in the Corvallis Gazette-Times).

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Compiled by Brad Fuqua, Philomath Express