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Dear Editor:

As we struggle with the issue of affordable housing (and I know it’s an important struggle), we must acknowledge that affordable housing is just the symptom of a much larger problem: Overpopulation.

I was born in 1950 and the world’s human population, at that time, was 250 billion people. Today, it is 770 billion — more that tripling in just one lifetime. This massive change creates a number of crisis, such as food, water, habitat security, affordable housing and survival.

The exponential growth in the human population threatens survival because we keep paving over the earth to build homes, roads and businesses to service all of these people. We even pave over fertile ground, like the Willamette Valley, which in turn cuts back on our ability to grow food, not to mention destroying habitats that plants and animals need to survive. And plants and animals are what we depend on for our own survival.

There are three things that would help:

1. An immediate, worldwide effort to make all forms of birth control, and birth control education, free and accessible.

2. We need to stop paying people (through income tax credits) to have children. This once altruistic program is now creating harm in the world.

3. We should, however, provide income tax credits to those families that adopt children. There are millions of children in need of a home, and we should encourage those that want children to adopt instead of birthing.

No problem is ever solved by chasing after symptoms. We must address the heart of the problem; and the heart of almost every global problem in today’s world is the exponential population growth of our human population.

Mark Weiss


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