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Dear Editor:

It is my desire to see a number of qualified candidates for city council step up, who can prove they will lead through service — as Mayor Eric Neimann does.

In recent months, some educational explorations could best be done on a councilor's own time, not during the public's meeting. For instance, the time for city council reports is traditionally used to share about the outreach each city councilor has done in the community in the previous month, not taken up with educating oneself about the workings of the city or directing city staff to add more to their responsibilities.

Such questions and comments have been tedious and unbecoming and required others to then voice support for staff and get the meeting back on track.

The job of a councilperson is accomplished through personal diligence, careful listening and diplomacy. That is why it is useful for a candidate to have experience related to the position or at least be open-minded and keep the peace.

An effective representative leads the community forward through a positive vision and much hard work, interacting with and taking into account all the others who make the community what it is.

Here is what I feel negative about: negativity. If citizens do what is available to us — attend meetings to listen, read the records, access and retain information directly, be aware of what affects our neighbors and all that sustains us, be active within the community — we needn't expect someone else to do it for us.

Let's let the mind games settle, learn about each other just the way we are and fully invest ourselves in life.

Judy Hays-Eberts


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