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Dear Editor:

I’m voting for Karen Skinkis for Philomath School Board and here’s why:

Most people think that they get elected to a school board and start making rules, hiring and firing and generally running the joint. Nothing can be further from the truth. There are laws that govern how children are cared for, who can and can’t be hired, who can and can’t be fired, what programs are required and which others can be changed, and how all that is done.

The budget has constraints — the amount of flexibility is much less than many of us realize. In other words, it takes months for a new board member to learn what is and is not possible — months before she knows enough to affect policy and to know what policy can legally be affected.

Karen understand this and expects to spend time learning the ropes. She doesn’t have a specific agenda and is eager to support quality education for all the students K-12.

I trust Karen’s commitment to education and believe she can be trusted to take a leadership role in providing high educational policy for the district.

Unlike the business model, where if you get faulty parts you return them or toss them — she knows that all the kids that come to school have to be served and given the best education possible for them. Preparing them either for further education or the ability to get a job is an important part of K-12. It’s one of the differences that business people don’t get when they approach education. It’s why her experience volunteering in classrooms, with a variety of kids, is such a valuable asset.

She understands that a wide range of extra curricular activities — sports, music, art, acting, clubs and other social opportunities — are also a way to educate and prepare students for the next stage of life. As a longtime resident of Philomath, she has gone through Philomath schools with her own three kids — volunteering and being part of their school experiences all the way. Her oldest will graduate this year with a full ROTC scholarship and is student body president.

She is talented, intelligent and eager to bring her experience and expertise to the school board. We are lucky to have her. Please join me in voting for her. She will be a great asset to the district.

Terry Weiss


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