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Dear Editor:

Philomath residents are fortunate to have Karen Skinkis running for school board director Position 5 and Anton (Andy) Grube for Position 2. Their commitment to the success of all students in the Philomath School District can’t be matched. They both care deeply about the PSD — the students, parents, teachers and administration and the Philomath community.

I have volunteered in the schools alongside Karen for the past 10-plus years, plus spent many hours sitting in bleachers as we watched and cheered on our kids. I have always been impressed with her ability to listen, look at possibilities objectively, think creatively and make decisions that create positive impacts on all students.

Karen has been actively involved in many aspects of the schools from volunteering in classrooms to fundraising for sports teams to helping organize events in the district. Her involvement at many levels within all schools gives her a well-rounded understanding of the schools and will serve her well as a PSD board director.

I have known Andy for 30-plus years. Andy was a class act peer of mine in the Philomath schools and is a stand-up parent, coach, volunteer and community member. He has attended numerous school board meetings over the years and has a true understanding of how the school board works, the time commitment, the types of decisions the board is able to make (and not), etc.

His understanding of the workings of the board will serve him well as a PSD director. I have asked him about topics addressed at the school board meetings and Andy was always able to objectively tell me about the topic, listen to my thoughts, discuss pros/cons and consider creative paths to solutions ... always coming from a place of what would most effectively support all students in the district. In his professional career he works within facilities, operations and maintenance. His depth of knowledge of these components of a successful school district will be invaluable.

Over the years that I have known both Karen and Andy, they have both repeatedly shown to me their commitment to the Philomath schools and community, their ability to support the success of all students, make decisions in the best interest of all students, teachers and schools, and overall just be kind, thoughtful, dedicated and involved citizens in our schools and community.

Join me in voting for Karen Skinkis, Position 5 and Anton (Andy) Grube, Position 2.

Kristi King


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