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Dear Editor:

When considering the candidates for Philomath School Board, one name sticks out above the rest, Karen Skinkis.

Karen has three daughters in the high school (including the co-student body president), she has volunteered in all her kids' classrooms and she has served on several committees. So she understands a lot about what makes schools work for teachers and students.

In addition, Karen has, for several years, worked as an office manager, so she is experienced with administrative decision making, budgeting and the need to work in cooperation with others.

But that’s just the outline of Karen’t qualifications. Karen is one of those unusual people who is high in both traditional, intellectual intelligence and in emotional intelligence. She can do the math and has unusual language and communication skill, but Karen also has a masterful way with people.

Her interpersonal skills, her ability to relate to and understand people, will be of unending benefit to the board, the students, the teachers and the community.

I strongly urge Philomath citizens to vote for Karen Skinkis for school board. Her unusual skill set, deep caring for youth and long years of commitment to the district will make Karen Skinkis a superlative leader for our school district.

Mark Weiss


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