My name is Buzz Brazeau; I have the honor of serving the Philomath School District during the upcoming school year as your superintendent of schools. I hope during my tenure to be able to meet as many of you as possible, in order to get your thoughts and input on the tremendous work being done in your schools.

When Brad asked me if I was interested in writing an article for the Philomath Express, I initially jumped at the opportunity. I thought of it as being positive and looked forward to doing it. Then reality hit. I asked myself, “What should I write about?”

This all occurred during the time that my wife and I were moving into our home in Philomath. It was during this time that I was doing my best to place the TV where we wanted it in the living room and of course the best location for watching TV was nowhere near a plug. Kathy, my wife, looked at me and said “thank the good Lord for extension cords! Without them what would we do?”

It is exactly the same thing in schools; the only difference is that the extension cord we were talking about was of the six-foot, three-prong variety. In schools, the extension cords are humans.

The new school year is just beginning and I invite all of you to visit with your student about the importance of plugging in to the extension cords offered in their school and district. The cord may be in the shape of an after-school program, activities, sports, music, drama, clubs and many others too numerous to name and they exist at every level within the district.

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These adult extension cords all provide another human contact with your student to support them as they work their way through the school year. An adult who checks in with them to see how it’s going with their teacher or teachers or are they caught up on their homework, or how they like school, or many other types of check-ins that help a student feel better, safer and more welcome in their school.

Unlike the electrical socket in your home where people will caution you not to overload a circuit, I do not believe there is such a thing as being overloaded with adult extension cords at school or frankly in life.

I am not aware of all of the extensions that each of our schools offer, but I do know they are there. Please take a moment to visit our district website at: www.PhilomathSD.net to learn more about the amazing opportunities our schools provide for your student. Also, feel free to contact your principal to get a list of things your student has the opportunity to access or answer any questions you may have.

If you need an extension cord to connect with your school, I am offering myself as that cord. Please contact me and together we will plug you into your school. I hope you are as excited about this school year as I am and look forward to connecting with you.

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Buzz Brazeau is the Philomath School District’s superintendent of schools for 2019-20 academic year. He can be reached at 541-929-3169 or buzz.brazeau@philomath.k12.or.us.