It only took 2.4 seconds. The calf never had a chance.

Competing in breakaway roping Saturday night during the final performance of the Philomath Frolic & Rodeo, Yelm cowgirl Jennifer Frohman had the perfect touch to win the event and its first-place payout of $1,294.85.

The calf’s head start out of the chute mattered little when Frohman and her horse were released into the arena. In 2.4 seconds, the rope was around the calf’s neck and the rodeo had a time that would be too fast for anyone else to beat.

That impressive performance was just one of the rodeo’s highlights this year. For local organizers, a highlight proved to be exceptional attendance numbers. On the three nights combined, the Frolic sold 5,526 rodeo tickets.

Saturday night’s rodeo was a sellout at the 2,187 arena capacity, plus another 177 standing-room only tickets were sold.

“We sold outright tonight (Saturday) and we were 30 shy of selling out Friday,” Frolic & Rodeo board member Chris Workman said. “Tonight, we sold out and then sold an additional 177 to the beer garden. Friday’s way up; it’s probably 400 more than last year.”

Workman said the beer garden area was opened up this year so those fans could see into the arena.

The Thursday night performance, which organizers promote as family friendly with discounted tickets, had the smallest crowd but that’s not a surprise.

“Last year was the first year we had gone to the new schedule,” Workman said, referring to the dropping of a Sunday afternoon matinee in favor of a Thursday night performance. “It’s the second year we’ve done a full rodeo on Thursday, so it’s still kinda climbing but it’s up from last year.”

The rodeo, which has been staged each summer since 1983, attracted 191 competitors and had a total purse payout of $30,723. B-Bar-D Rodeos provided stock and Scott Allen returned as the announcer.

Among the final night’s activities were the crowning of the Frolic queen and princess, the Wild Steer Race and the youngsters competing in Mutton Bustin’.

The rodeo opened with a moving tribute to Paul and Lola Skirvin with two riderless horses walking around the arena while Allen shared insight on their contributions and kind words of their character. Charles Skirvin then started up one of his late brother’s tractors that had been parked in the middle of the arena and exited to the cheers of the crowd.

The largest payout for an event occurred in barrels racing with Cindy Woods of Molalla winning in 17.03 seconds for $1,332.85. Frohman’s purse was the second-highest with the runners-up in those events also above $1,000.

In team roping, Del Foley of Roseburg and C.J. Cash of Eagle Point each won $1,129.55 with a winning time of 6.90 seconds — which wasn’t even really challenged. Foley served as the header and Cash as the heeler in the tandem event.

Shane Erickson of Terrebonne won $1,019.35 while taking first in tie-down roping. Other winners included Kyle Bounds of Harrisburg in bareback riding, Kody Lovgren of Bend in ranch bronc riding, Jake Clark of Crane in saddle bronc riding and Kaden Greenfield of Lakeview in steer wrestling.

No winners came out of the bull-riding competition.

Philomath Frolic & Rodeo

Thursday-Saturday at Philomath

Bareback Riding — 1, Kyle Bounds, Harrisburg, 86.00 ($684); 2, Kirk St. Clair, Blodgett, 76.00 ($513); 3, Colton Clemens, Blackfoot, 74.00 ($342); 4, Cash Hill, St. Anthony, Idaho, 73.00 ($171).

Barrel Racing — 1, Cindy Woods, Molalla, 17.03 ($1,332.85); 2, Jordan Minor, Hermiston, 17.56 ($1,159); 3, Bailey Cline, Hermiston, 17.62 ($985.15); 4, Kaycie Teague, Ellensburg, Wash., 17.64 ($811.30); 5, Cheyenne Westwood, Prineville, 17.67 ($637.45); T-6, Sammi Lane, Arlington, 17.74 ($376.67; T-6, Bekkie Bowman, Madras, 17.74 ($376.67); 8, Sharon Gow, Roseburg, 17.79 ($115.90).

Breakaway Roping — 1, Jennifer Frohman, Yelm, Wash., 2.40 ($1,294.85; 2, Cassie Kayser, Centerville, 3.40 ($1,071.60); 3, Stevie Rae Willis, Terrebonne, 3.50 ($848.35); T-4, Amelia Herman, Port Angeles, Wash., 3.70 ($513.47); T-4, Courtney Wood, McArthur, Calif., 3.70 ($513.47); 6, Mattie Turner, Wilsonville, 3.90 ($223.25).

Ranch Bronc Riding — 1, Kody Lovgren, Bend, 75.00 ($413.25); 2, Barry Oleary, Silver Lake, 74.00 ($275.50).

Saddle Bronc Riding — 1, Jake Clark, Crane, 81.00 ($599.21); T-2, Charlie Barker, Terrebonne, 75.00 ($444.25); T-2, Christian Stremler, Klamath Falls, 75.00 ($444.25); 4, Cooper Dewitt, Rio Rico, 74.00 ($289.28); 5, Ryan Verling, Stanfield, 71.00 ($185.96); 6, Gabe McKay, Juntura, 69.00 ($103.31).

Steer Wrestling — 1, Kaden Greenfield, Lakeview, 6.40 ($771.40); 2, Preston Pederson, Hermiston, 6.60 ($638.40); 3, Charlie Barker, Terrebonne, 7.70 ($505.40); 4, Bryce Harrison, Condon, 7.90 ($372.40); 5, Hayden Fullerton, Dayton, 8.50 ($239.40); 6, Ryan Grenell, Kennewick, Wash., 13.60 ($133).

Team Roping (Header) — 1, Del Foley, Roseburg, 6.90 ($1,129.55); 2, B.J. Campbell, Myrtle Point, 11.20 ($934.84); 3, Spike McKay, Monroe, 11.30 ($740.05); 4, Tanner Patzke, Klamath Falls, 11.50 ($545.30); 5, Dale Benevides, Touchet, 11.70 ($350.55).

Team Roping (Heeler) — 1, C.J. Cash, Eagle Point, 6.90 ($1,29.55; 2, Carl Sweazea, Las Cruces, N.M., 11.20 ($934.84); 3, Austin Thompson, Yoncalla, 11.30 ($740.05); 4, Quade Patzke, Klamath Falls, 11.50 ($545.30); 5, Shane Crossley, Hermiston, 11.70 ($350.55).

Tie-Down Roping — 1, Shane Erickson, Terrebonne, 9.70 ($1,019.35); 2, Preston Pederson, Hermiston, 10.10 ($843.60); 3, Quaid Quisenberry, Roseburg, 10.20 ($667.85); 4, Tate Gentry, Heppner, 12.70 ($492.10); 5, Jason Minor, Ellensburg, Wash., 12.80 ($316.35); 6, Tate Teague, Ellensburg, Wash., 13.70 ($175.75).

Bull Riding — No winner.

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