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The Philomath High girls may not have come out of the Clemens Invitational with any first-place finishes Saturday, but the Warriors piled up a lot of points with other high finishes to take second in the eight-team meet.

Senior Amity Coon had the highest individual placing for the Warriors with second in the 100-yard breaststroke.

“This year I think has been my strongest year in terms of training and not having any major setbacks with health or anything,” said Coon, who swam the event in 1:16.40. “I got the opportunity to swim with the club team in Corvallis in the fall and then I came right into high school season.”

Cascade’s Brylee Syverson won the event in 1:15.28.

Coon qualified for state last season in the 100 breaststroke and she has hopes of a return trip. But there are a couple of other goals she has in mind for this season.

“There is a girl that I’ve been racing in the 100 breaststroke every single year and it would be kinda cool instead of going 1-2, have me be the 1 instead of 2,” Coon said with a laugh. “Other than that, I just want to break 1:14 and make it back to state.”

Coon was referring to Sisters senior Brooke Robillard, who did finish behind Coon at Saturday’s meet in the breaststroke in third with a time of 1:17.82. But at last year’s district meet, Robillard easily won with a time of 1:11.36.

Coon, who is a co-captain with senior Kena Bacho, has worked into a leadership role with the squad.

“My freshman year was one of the most fun years I’ve ever had and my goal since then has been to make it that way for everybody else,” she said. “That’s my belief as a team captain — to make the team more like the experience I had.”

One characteristic of this year’s roster has been fewer inexperienced swimmers.

“There hasn’t been a lot of new kids coming that don’t know how to swim and it’s been really cohesive,” Coon said. “Everybody’s been working really hard.”

Two other PHS swimmers placed third at the meet with junior Maggie Ross in the 100 butterfly and junior Hannah Hernandez in the 500 freestyle. Ross touched with a time of 1:15.34 and Hernandez finished the endurance race in 6:54.09.

“The kids are racing really hard and we just finished two weeks of winter training and had back-to-back meets,” PHS coach Marissa Eng said, referring to a tri-meet that the Warriors had hosted Friday. “These meets and the last couple of weeks have been mentally tough and just getting us ready for districts and state.”

The winter training period over the holidays does challenge swimmers.

“It sometimes is a drag and we have to pull a little bit but we don’t want them necessarily performing their best times,” Eng said. “If they are, great, but we expect them to be mentally tough.”

Philomath had two runner-up showings in the relays. The Warriors were second in both the 200 medley relay (2:09.92) and the 200 freestyle relay (1:59.83).

In the team standings, PHS had 375 points behind Salem Academy’s 424 and ahead of third-place Blanchet Catholic’s 355.

Coon entered this season with a renewed commitment to training as she continues her quest to break her personal-best times. She enjoys taking on the various challenges that come with competing in the pool.

“I found that with swimming, it allows me to push myself mentally and physically,” she said. “I’ve never found a sport that is so challenging and yet everybody on the team bonds together, we work together.

“You can’t be successful without using every single aspect of mental and emotional and physical strength,” Coon added. "It was just really important to me to do well and I hope other people do well.”

Asked what other swimmers have caught her eye so far this season, Eng mentioned Hernandez as well as senior Abby Rutledge.

Philomath, Cascade and Salem Academy warmed up for the Clemens Invitational with a tri-meet on Friday. The Warriors won the girls portion of the meet by 68 points over the runner-up.

Bacho had the lone win for the PHS girls by beating out two other swimmers in the 500 freestyle (7:21.94). Second-place finishes included Ross in the 200 freestyle (2:31.63) and sophomore Melia Morton in the 100 backstroke (1:15.87). PHS also had a relay team finish second in the 200 freestyle.

The White Buffalo Classic at Madras is up next for the Warriors. That meet begins at 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

Clemens Invitational

Saturday at Philomath

Team scoring: Salem Academy (SA) 424, Philomath (PHS) 375, Blanchet Catholic (BC) 355, Taft (TFT) 301, Cascade (CAS) 194, Junction City (JC) 192, Sisters (SIS) 150, Toledo (TOL) 53.

Winners & PHS Results

200 medley relay: 1, Salem Academy, 2:05.62; 2, Philomath, 2:09.92; 8, Philomath B, 2:35.84.

200 freestyle: 1, Eulena Banzer, SA, 2:06.90; 13, Abby Rutledge, PHS, 2:55.18; 15, Vivian Pastor-Infantes, PHS, 3:06.01; 16, Ellie Leslie, PHS, 3:21.19.

200 individual medley: 1, Brylee Syverson, CAS, 2:23.86; 8, Kena Bacho, PHS, 3:05.30; 9, Shaylee Charley, PHS, 3:05.64; 11, Hannah Hernandez, PHS, 3:08.07.

50 freestyle: 1, Trinity Pierce, SA, 27.47; 7, Amity Coon, PHS, 29.70; 16, Ophelia Katsikis, PHS, 33.78; 17, Cassidy Freeman, PHS, 34.05; 30, Jenna Schoepflin, PHS, 38.35.

100 butterfly: 1, Chloe Lone Elk, CAS, 1:08.77; 3, Maggie Ross, PHS, 1:15.34; 4, Melia Morton, PHS, 1:16.63; 9, Shaylee Charley, PHS, 1:33.75; 10, Kena Bacho, PHS, 1:34.48.

100 freestyle: 1, Raquel Druery, SA, 1:01.56; 11, Vivian Pastor-Infantes, PHS, 1:20.00; 12, Kaeleigh Houchin, PHS, 1:20.01; 23, Jenna Schoepflin, PHS, 1:29.90.

500 freestyle: 1, Eulena Banzer, SA, 5:40.12; 3, Hannah Hernandez, PHS, 6:54.09; 6, Audrey Davis, PHS, 7:06.51; 15, Cassidy Freeman, PHS, 8:09.94.

200 freestyle relay: 1, Salem Academy, 1:59.37; 2, Philomath, 1:59.83; 6, Philomath B, 2:10.20; 10, Philomath C, 2:26.40.

100 backstroke: 1, Hannah Warde, SA, 1:17.40; 9, Abby Rutledge, PHS, 1:28.37; 13, Ellie Leslie, PHS, 1:49.36.

100 breaststroke: 1, Brylee Syverson, CAS, 1:15.28; 2, Amity Coon, PHS, 1:16.40; 5, Melia Morton, PHS, 1:21.89; 11, Audrey Davis, PHS, 1:32.13; 15, Ophelia Katsikis, PHS, 1:34.55.

400 freestyle relay: 1, Salem Academy, 4:03.12; 4, Philomath, 4:39.53; 5, Philomath B, 5:12.16.

PHS Tri-Meet

Friday at Philomath

Team scoring: Philomath (PHS) 555, Salem Academy (SA) 487, Cascade (CAS) 338.

Winners & PHS Results

200 medley relay: 1, Salem Academy, 2:07.56; 3, Philomath, 2:17.28; 4, Philomath B, 2:28.66; 5, Philomath C, 2:54.35.

200 freestyle: 1, Sarah Kenyon, SA, 2:16.49; 2, Maggie Ross, PHS, 2:31.63; 3, Audrey Davis, PHS, 2:40.50; 4, Cassidy Freeman, PHS, 2:55.40; 7, Kaeleigh Houchin, PHS, 3:01.91.

200 individual medley: 1, Brylee Syverson, CAS, 2:21.56; 3, Melia Morton, PHS, 2:43.95; 5, Shaylee Charley, PHS, 3:11.59; 6, Abby Rutledge, PHS, 3:12.98; 7, Vivian Pastor-Infantes, PHS, 3:25.30; 8, Ellie Leslie, PHS, 3:51.33.

50 freestyle: 1, Allya Sierra, CAS, 29.55; 4, Ophelia Katsikis, PHS, 33.27.

100 butterfly: 1, Chloe Lone Elk, CAS, 1:09.13; 3, Shaylee Charley, PHS, 1:31.14; 5, Hannah Hernandez, PHS, 1:36.95.

100 freestyle: 1, Sarah Kenyon, SA, 1:00.12; 4, Maggie Ross, PHS, 1:05.11; 8, Kaeleigh Houchin, PHS, 1:19.56; 9, Vivian Pastor-Infantes, PHS, 1:19.94; 11, Ellie Leslie, PHS, 1:30.28; 12, Jenna Schoepflin, PHS, 1:32.78.

500 freestyle: 1, Kena Bacho, PHS, 7:21.94.

200 freestyle relay: 1, Salem Academy, 2:02.22; 2, Philomath, 2:02.36; 3, Philomath B, 2:14.44; 4, Philomath C, 2:27.08.

100 backstroke: 1, Chloe Lone Elk, CAS, 1:10.02; 2, Melia Morton, PHS, 1:15.87; 5, Abby Rutledge, PHS, 1:24.29; 6, Hannah Hernandez, PHS, 1:27.04; 7, Cassidy Freeman, PHS, 1:27.49; 10, Jenna Schoepflin, PHS, 1:56.42.

100 breaststroke: 1, Brylee Syverson, CAS, 1:14.78; 5, Audrey Davis, PHS, 1:30.64; 7, Ophelia Katsikis, PHS, 1:34.44; 8, Kena Bacho, PHS, 1:38.08.

400 freestyle relay: 1, Salem Academy, 4:12.71; 3, Philomath, 4:56.33.

Note: Names of individuals swimming on relays not listed in official results.

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