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Letter: So, which are we, stupid or crazy?

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There is an inappropriate joke that goes around, but its punchline has a salient point. The punchline is, “I’m crazy, not stupid.”

We need to keep this in mind. Because there are a lot of hard-core criminals running around who shouldn’t be, those who have been pardoned or paroled by government decree, those who were never prosecuted in the first place or those who keep committing crimes and are released over and over.

At this point we need to figure out which side of the punchline we’re on.

Because this November, Oregon Measure 114, another impotent gun control measure, is on the ballot. The punchline here is that no matter what you think this measure will accomplish, gun deaths in Oregon will still be less than drug overdose deaths. But yet, no greater laws are being proposed to control illegal drug dealers or to fully prosecute them for deaths from related sales.

But then maybe, like most gun control legislation, it’s never about the death of children or others. Maybe they are just convenient pawns of a stratagem

Measure 114 will only affect a small population of law-abiding people, pretty much none of them criminals, just worrisome to Democrats. It is in fact about the control of people, not guns, and nothing else. Meanwhile criminals will still be processed through the revolving door of Oregon justice.

Every day drugs takes they’re toll, while we argue about gun control.

So, which are we, stupid or crazy?

Ronald Garnett



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