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Eugene Ballet Company Sympathique

Eugene Ballet Company dancers Yamil Maldonado and Sara Stockwell perform in "Sympathique and Everything But The Kitchen Sink." The production, featuring new choreography and music by Pink Martini, is coming to Oregon State University's LaSells Stewart Center Wednesday night. 

Eugene Ballet Company brings new choreography set to the music of Pink Martini in its concert, "Sympathique and Everything But The Kitchen Sink," to be performed 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 21, in Oregon State University's Austin Auditorium of the LaSells Stewart Center, 875 SW 26th St., Corvallis.

It's been 12 years since the company first danced to the eclectic sounds of Portland's "little orchestra," Pink Martini. This performance will feature new choreography throughout the program, as well as a contemporary work by guest choreographer Val Caniparoli. Caniparoli's Tutto Ecceto Il Lavandino ("Everything But The Kitchen Sink") will open the performance.

Although the band will not be joining the company on the road, Eugene Ballet wanted to share this program with audiences in Corvallis and Salem.

Pink Martini combines genres of classical music, pop, Latin music and jazz to form an electrifying mix of sound that boasts something for everyone, which is said can be affirmed by their fans worldwide.

The program will feature several pieces by a variety of choreographers including Eugene Ballet Company dancer Suzanne Haag, Modern Dance instructor and choreographer Sarah Ebert, artistic director Toni Pimble and citizens of Eugene.

Last summer, Pimble suggested to Haag that an #instaballet performance could be included in the Pink Martini show. #instaballet is a performing arts endeavor created by Haag and a former Eugene Ballet Company dancer Antonio Anacan. The group invites audience members to help choreograph a ballet performance in real time with professional dancers. Haag loved the idea and an #instaballet to "Andalucia" was created.

"I'm thrilled that this audience-created ballet will be presented on the stage," Haag said in the press release. "It's a big deal for #instaballet and a big deal for all of the community members that contributed their ideas to the dance."

Pimble selected Caniparoli's shorter ballet Tutto Ecceto Il Lavandino ("Everything But The Kitchen Sink") because of its wide repertoire and it complemented what audiences would see with Sympathique.

"I saw several incredible pieces by Val, but they didn't fit with the tone of a performance to Pink Martini music," Pimble said in the press release. "Tutto Eccetto Il Lavandino has some serious moments, but it's also very fun and witty."

Tickets are $27-$38. For advance tickets and more information, see


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