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Michael Winder says late night talk shows are a staple of TV.

Winder and his friends from Linn-Benton Community College would like to see if their stage version of a talk show, "The Tripp Live!" can become a favorite in the mid-valley 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Russell Tripp Performance Center.

Winder, the host and organizer, said "'The Tripp Live' is a not-so-late talk show, with all the look and feel of a Conan or Jimmy Fallon-led show, but with local celebrities as guests. Rather than Hollywood actors pitching their latest blockbuster, we have local dignitaries, business owners, artists and other movers and shakers in the Albany-Corvallis area."

The host and his sidekick, Leslie Hammond, dean of LBCC, will interview a list of guests that includes State Sen. Sara Gelser, Linn County Circuit Judge Fay Stetz-Waters, Albany Mayor Sharon Konopa, LBCC Vice President Ann Buchele, and owners of the Albany Pix movie theater,  Rod and Denise Bigner.

"Each interview with the guests will have some 'what are you working on right now that the community should know about it' discussion, but most of the show is light-hearted, full of banter and silly bits we do with the guests," Winder said.

"We also have a couple comedians as guests, and a brief opening monologue since it's a late-night show, after all," he added.

The free show will have a few comedy bits throughout.

Winder didn't want to divulge too many highlights, though he mentioned one additional guest that fits the mold of a classic late night talk show.

"I can say we'll have a very special animal expert bringing a groundhog which may or may not be real," he said.

Winder, who is event and production coordinator at LBCC, is hopeful "The Tripp Live!" can become a recurring free event.

"If things go well this week, then I'll start the ball rolling for plans for another show this fall, possibly October," he said.


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