Corvallis Arts Walk spotlight: Condon's work explores food, fabric, more

Corvallis Arts Walk spotlight: Condon's work explores food, fabric, more

Muriel Condon

Murial Condon's "Cooking Class" is among the works she'll be showing during Thursday's Corvallis Arts Work show at Plant Posse/Brittney West Studio.

Name: Muriel Condon

Occupation: "I am currently working at Oregon Coffee and Tea downtown, a great little small batch coffee roastery and tea store. This summer I am off to study for my Master's of Fine Arts in Knoxville, Tennessee, so soon I will be switching back to that student life."

Hometown: Bozeman, Montana

Exhibit: "Muriel Condon — Prints"

Location: Plant Posse/Brittney West Studio, 340 SW Second St. Studio No. 3, Corvallis

Media: "Lately, I have been working with woodcuts, a reductive printmaking technique where you carve away the surface of a woodblock or plywood, ink it up with a roller and transfer the image to paper using a printing press. I also work with oil paint, etching, screen-printing and incorporating these all with fabric installations."

About the exhibit: "This show is a comprehensive collection of fine art prints and some mixed media pieces I have made in the past few years. Since I am moving soon, the whole gambit is being displayed and is for sale."

Inspiration: "My work has utilized print, craft and the symbolism of objects to examine the interaction and distinction of food and fabric, poverty and divinity, domesticity and digestion. Both the aesthetics and content of my work have been informed by my childhood following the aftermath of my family’s involvement in a controversial new age church, the Church Universal and Triumphant. Playing with the human body as a vessel of experience I explore memories of textures, tastes, beliefs, domestic altars, plates of food, and ephemeral touch."

Impact on wiewers: "The symbolism I use is heavily personal, so free association isn't out of the question. But a theme I enjoy exploring is both physical and metaphorical digestion of one's experience. If a viewer walked way with a desire to break down components of their own reality then a part of the work has been communicated."

Previous exhibits: "In town, I've had solo shows at Bison, Bison Gallery and CEI Artworks, and have been included in multiple group shows at The Arts Center. I have also shown in Bend, and had multiple shows back in Montana."

What should people know: "This is a show of my 2D works but I have been working with sculptural fabric pieces, as well. These years in Corvallis I have put an emphasis on learning any fiber and fabric processes I can get my hands on."


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