Name: Holly Campbell

Occupation: “I'm the office manager for Coldwell Banker Valley Brokers and co-owner of The Hold Studio.”

Hometown: “Born and raised in the Willamette Valley, I've lived in Corvallis for the last five years. But, I've worked here for almost 10 years.”

Exhibit: “These Places I Go: Dreamscapes by Holly Campbell"

Location: “The Hold, co-owned by myself and Sharon Rackham King. 425 SW Madison Ave, Suite E-2.”

Medium(s): “Most of this work is done in acrylic — with a mixed media 'twist' on some. I used a lot of different textures, pouring mediums, and even embellished a few with gold leaf. Some sketches from my dream journals, created with watercolor pencils, will also be displayed.”

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About the exhibit: “I've recently taken to painting the dreams I've journaled about. Some dreams are still more vivid than others and, obviously, those ones are easier to paint. So many details get lost in translation, but that is why I enjoy painting the 'harder to recollect' dreams. It forces me to dig deeper.

“Through this series, I've learned that I will never be able to convey the exact smells, sounds, or feelings that I would like to. That really frustrated me at first. But now, I realize that I need to feel that frustration, allow myself to bend the rules, and give the audience a chance to form their own opinion about what they see in my work. It's all subjective, after all. And, if they don't like it, who cares? It's not their dream."

Inspiration: “This particular show is inspired completely by me and my own subconscious. It's a self-reflective series and it's been totally liberating as an artist. I usually have to dig so deep and think so hard about what I want to paint. Not this time! These ideas presented themselves to me - all I had to do was give them a platform ... and I'm so glad I did. I've learned so much about myself and what my work means to me.”

Impact on viewer: “This is, by far, one of my most intimate series. I've always been fascinated with dreams and mine are so vivid. Some of these pieces are abstract, some are impressionistic and others are more literal. So, I think there will be a little something for everyone. But, honestly, I don't know what impact it will have on my viewers. ... I hope someone will be able to relate to at least one piece. I think we all know by now — dreams can be very weird!”

Previous Exhibits: “My work is displayed at both The Hold and Voices Gallery every third Thursday on the Corvallis Arts Walk. At The Arts Center, my piece 'Syzygy' was juried into last summer's Artful Solar Eclipse Exhibit and, every February, I participate in the Howland Community Open. I've exhibited work at Restore Physical Therapy on Circle Boulevard and, most recently, Voices Gallery and I exhibited our work at Imagine Coffee. For a complete list of past and upcoming exhibits, you can visit www.HollyCampbellArt.com.”

What people should know: “I love to volunteer! Every spring, I coordinate artists and auction items for Art is Wild, a benefit for Chintimini Wildlife Center. I donate my own work to the auction. In fact, I will have a piece available at this year's event (coming up on April 27). When I'm not working on Art is Wild, I run social media for Corvallis Arts Walk, Voices Gallery, and the Hold Studio. I also enjoy volunteering for The Arts Center and the Corvallis Fall Festival.”

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