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Name: Maureen Frank

Occupation: “Artist and Intuitive Channel.”

Hometown: “(I was) born and raised in Georgetown, Connecticut. My husband and I moved to Corvallis from Jensen Beach, Florida 17 years ago.”

Exhibit: “Circles of Life”

Location: Majestic Theatre gallery, 115 SW Second St., Corvallis.

Medium(s): “A variety of media. They include color pencils, markers, inks, watercolors, acrylics, pen and ink, and mixed media.”

About the exhibit: “This original mandala art exhibit spans 17 years of playing with and exploring the idea of mandalas in a variety of sizes, media, and styles. Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means circle. It reminds us that we are whole and complete just as we are.”

“I began with simple to complex symmetrical designs incorporating sacred geometry. Later I moved into asymmetrical designs which are more spontaneous in nature. After visiting the Portland Art Museum M.C. Escher exhibit a few years later, I played with his "Circle Limits" concept to create a series of hyperbolic tessellation mandalas. My latest transition is into Tibetan-styled mandalas, of which I plan to create a series of seven large Archangel Angel paintings. All of these and a couple of other phases are represented in this exhibit.”

“During this month's Corvallis Art Walk I'll also exhibit my unique collection of hand-painted mandala meditation stones.”

Inspiration: “Patterns, shapes, and colors. It starts with something catching my eye. It could be something in nature, from a dream, a piece of architecture, cultural symbols, something I saw in the background while watching a movie, a passing thought, or something I read. If it makes my heart skip a beat or momentarily catches my breath, then I know I have to do something with it. What takes it to the next level for me is to create the art in what I call active meditation, where I connect with the energy of the art that wants to come into form. From there, it simply falls into place, step by step. I either sense or see in my mind's eye what needs to be done next. Which means, most of the time it's a surprise as to how a piece is going to turn out in the end.”

Impact on viewer: “I would hope that my art opens their mind, touches their heart, and soothes their soul. Because I create this art in meditation, I know it comes from a higher vibrational place. When I honor their energy, they entrust me to translate them into a diverse collection of mandala art that makes a connection with those who see and experience them.”

Previous Exhibits: “As a former member of the Corvallis Art Guild I exhibited my art in many local businesses throughout Corvallis. They've also been included in shows in Salem, Portland, Florence, and Eugene. Currently, my art is part of the "Beyond Words" Exhibit at the Alsea Library, which started earlier this year at Studio Beatrice and then went to Pegasus Art Gallery. Next year it goes to the Benton County Museum. I also have art downtown at White Wind Super Foods on Madison and Farmers Insurance on Fourth Street.”

“And of course there's the 50-foot street mural mandala I designed and over 30 of us painted on July 30, at 11th and Taylor. It will be a focal point in the upcoming Open Streets on Aug. 20.”

What people should know about the work: “I hand draw my mandala designs. I use a computer to scan them and then hand-trace them so that I can make them more easily available for my coloring books, of which I have 20. If you look closely at my pieces, especially the symmetrical ones, you'll see that my "straight" lines are organically straight (meaning they look like they're straight, however they were drawn freehand without a ruler).”

“Along with my art and coloring books, I also do Intuitive Readings where I receive insights and guidance for the people I'm reading and then create a personalized mandala for them based on our session together.”

“Interestingly enough, for most of my adult years, I worked as a software engineer, web analyst, and web designer. It was 18 years ago during a reiki session (my first) that I was told I needed to get a coloring book and crayons, to start coloring. Apparently, I needed to wake up my dormant creative side. I'm glad I did.”


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