Name: Tara Pierce

Occupation: Graduate student at Oregon State University in the environmental arts and humanities masters program.

Hometown: “I don't really have one, I moved a lot as a kid. But I always lived on the coast.”

Exhibit: “In the Pursuit of Knowledge.”

Location: Rhizosphere Studios, 230 SW Third St., No. 201.

Media: “Traditionally trained in oil painting, I switched to acrylic to be more environmentally friendly. Recently, I have begun demateralizing my art practice to be as green as possible. I stopped buying art supplies several years ago, and once I run out of paint and canvas I will stop using them entirely. This show is made up completely of found and borrowed objects, some upcycled as collage and others made into sculpture and installation pieces.”

About the exhibit: “All work was made at the Hatfield Marine Science Center, where I am an artist-in-residence. The work examines and questions knowledge production by using classic and modern scientific instruments/tools as the foundation for each piece. Materials and videos came from the (Science Center), the Marine & Geology Repository, and the Ocean Observing Center.”

Inspiration: “During my undergrad, I tried to double major in art and marine biology. This proved too costly, but I found my calling by dedicating my art career to marine life.”

Impact on viewer: “It is my hope that viewers leave with a deeper understanding of how we seek to know the world, how art and science can benefit each other, or at least questions about these things. Additionally, I hope they gain an interest in art and science as independent fields.”

Previous exhibits: Locally: Badhuman Studios, The Beanery, Kidder Hall at OSU. Elsewhere: The Chessman Gallery in the Lincoln City Cultural Center, The James May Gallery in Algoma, Wisconsin, and Vita Cafe in Portland.

What people should know: “Fun fact: I lived on a sailboat for two years.”

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