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With the Aug. 21 eclipse taking the mid-valley by storm, Susan Bourque wanted to curate an educational exhibit for the summer to commemorate its arrival.

So she created a three-part exhibit, "Solar, Space and Scientific Explorations: Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium Photographic Imagery." It will be on display in the Memorial Union Concourse Gallery through Aug. 28.

Bourque coordinated with the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium last March to get historical images she could display in the gallery's glass cases.

"I have the vintage piece, which I thought was really fun," she said. "I went searching for past images from eclipses."

Bourque, who is also the director of the OSU Craft Center, put descriptions with each photograph to let viewers know more about what is happening in the pictures.

The second part of the exhibit features a series of photographs from OSU's involvement with the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium.

"They accepted students to the Johnson Space Center in Texas, where they've gone up in those 'Vomit Comets' or zero-gravity planes and done experiments. Some of those pictures are in that, which I think are really exciting," she said.

The last part features original works created for the exhibit. The artwork could be inspired by the eclipse, or be space- or science-related, Bourque said.

She invited four artists she knew who work with different mediums: Glenn Sweet, Jennifer Lommers, and OSU professors Randall Milstein and Yuji Hiratsuka.

Sweet, a master woodworker and painter, painted images with the perspective of an eclipse viewer as his inspiration, Bourque said.

Corvallis artist Lommers created a large painting with animals playing musical instruments. "(It) is the poster for Corvallis' promotion of the eclipse," Bourque said.

Hiratsuka, a printmaker and professor of art at OSU, created a piece with a sunflower that transforms into an eclipse.

Milstein, an astronomy instructor in the Department of Physics, University Honors College and College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at OSU, features photographs in the exhibit. An astronomer-in-residence for the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium, he also has photography on display in the OSU 150 Space Grant Art Exhibit in Giustina Gallery.

"A lot of the larger pieces I put up were contributed by him," Bourque said.

The curator said she wanted to highlight the some of the things the NASA Space Grant Consortium has done on OSU's campus and for other institutions.

The Memorial Union is a heavily trafficked area at OSU, but not as much during the summer. With the OSU 150 Space Grant Festival: A Total Eclipse Experience coming up next week, Bourdet is excited to have more people on campus to see the exhibit.

"People are coming here for an experience, and my hope is that the exhibit will just enhance that," she said.


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