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2 stars

(Comedy, R, 95 minutes, playing at the AMC Corvallis 12) The new flick from “Spring Breakers” director Harmony Korine stars Matthew McConaughey as a stoner poet in Florida whose life goes off the rails when he discovers that his wife (Isla Fisher) is unfaithful. Snoop Dogg and Zac Efron also are in the cast. It’s fun for a while, but eventually Korine runs out of ideas and the flick turns tedious. (Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune)


2 stars

(Fantasy, PG, 112 minutes, playing at the Regal 7 in Albany and the Regal 4 in Corvallis) Director Tim Burton tries his hand with a live-action remake of the 1941 Disney animated flick, about the little elephant with the big ears who can fly, but even though this dramatically inert film tries, it never quite takes off. The cast includes Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton, Colin Farrell and Eva Green. (Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service)


3 stars

(Comedic-drama, R, 102 minutes, playing at the Darkside in Corvallis and the AMC Corvallis 12) Julianne Moore plays a divorcee who finds romance on the L.A. dance-club scene as director Sebastian Lelio remakes his own 2013 movie. Moore, in a terrific performance, offers a softer, more vulnerable side to the title character, even if the purpose for such a faithful remake isn’t clear. With John Turturro, Michael Cera, Brad Garrett, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Rita Wilson, Sean Astin, Holland Taylor. (Kate Walsh, Tribune Media Service)


3 stars

(Drama, R, 103 minutes, playing at the AMC Corvallis 12) Director Anthony Maras makes his debut with this gripping fact-based account of the carnage that unfolded in a Mumbai hotel during the terror attacks of November 2008. Visceral and suspenseful, but also deeply humane and moving. The cast includes Dev Patel and Armie Hammer. (Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service)


2 ½ stars

(Crime thriller, R, 94 minutes, playing at the Darkside in Corvallis) Two strangers find themselves on the lam together in Pakistan and India. Starts as a crime thriller, then morphs into a romantic road movie — and all the air goes out of it. With Dev Patel, Radhika Apte. Written and directed by Michael Winterbottom. (Katie Walsh, Tribune Media Service)


(Science fiction, no MPAA rating, 78 minutes, playing at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Darkside) The Darkside’s latest sci-fi extravaganza features this 1957 doozy in which an alien robot ravages the countryside in an attempt to absorb all of Earth’s energy. $5 gets you in — and you can heckle all you want.



4 stars

(Foreign drama, no MPAA rating, 125 minutes, playing at the Darkside in Corvallis) The origins of the Colombian drug trade are seen through the eyes of an indigenous Wayuu family that becomes involved in the business of selling marijuana to American youth in the 1970s. Visually stunning and dramatically gripping, this is a film of great scope and passion from the creators of “Embrace of the Serpent.” (Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times)


2 stars

(Animated, R, 96 minutes, playing at the Darkside in Corvallis) A famous psychotherapist is forced to steal famous paintings in this oddball animated flick from Budapest-based Milorad Krstic. The movie is packed with visual allusions and jokes and proceeds at breakneck speed; it’s fun for a while, but the relentless pace turns numbing. (Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune)


3 ½ stars

(Horror, R, 116 minutes, playing at the Regal 7 in Albany and the AMC Corvallis 12) Writer-director Jordan Peele proves that “Get Out” was no fluke with this whip-smart new horror classic. It’s about a picture-perfect American family (Winston Duke) and Adelaide (Lupita Nyong'o) arriving at their family summer home, only to confront an identical version of the family (clad in red jumpsuits and wielding sharp scissors) in their driveway. (Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service)


4 stars

(Documentary, G, 93 minutes, playing at the Darkside in Corvallis) Todd Douglas Miller’s riveting documentary uses newly discovered footage to give audiences a close-up look at the mission that put men on the moon. You end up with new appreciation for the sheer audacity of the mission. (Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times)


(Romantic drama, PG-13, 116 minutes, playing at the Regal 7 in Albany and the AMC Corvallis 12) Two cystic fibrosis patients fall in love, even though hospital rules state they must stay five feet apart at all times. Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse star in this film version of a popular young adult novel.


(Animated, PG, 85 minutes, playing at the Regal 7 in Albany, the Regal 4 in Albany and the AMC Corvallis 12) An imaginative girl finds herself in Wonderland, an amusement park she created in her mind. With the park falling into disarray, she teams up with a group of animals to save the park. Jennifer Garner, Matthew Broderick, Mila Kunis, John Oliver and Kenan Thompson are featured in the voice cast.


3 ½ stars

(Superhero action, PG-13, 124 minutes, playing at the Regal 7 in Albany and the AMC Corvallis 12) Brie Larson, as the Captain, and Samuel L. Jackson, as young Nick Fury, share great chemistry in a superhero origins story set to '90s hits and filled with fun cultural references. This isn't the greatest Marvel movie ever made, but it's definitely one of the funniest, and one of the sweetest. (Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times)


3 ½ stars

(Animated, PG, 104 minutes, playing at the Pix and the Regal 7 in Albany, the Regal 4 in Corvallis and the AMC Corvallis 12) Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless, seek a mythical land in this entry in Dreamworks' animated franchise. With the voices of Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Cate Blanchett, Kit Harrington, Jonah Hill, Kristen Wiig, Craig Ferguson, F. Murray Abraham. Written and directed by Dean DeBlois; based on the book series by Cressida Cowell. Visually stunning, beautifully made and surprisingly moving. (Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service)


(Science fiction, PG-13, 122 minutes, playing at the Regal 7 in Albany and the AMC Corvallis 12) A cyborg fights to unlock the secrets of her past. With Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein, Jackie Earle Haley. Written by James Cameron, Laeta Kalogridis, Robert Rodriguez; based on a graphic novel by Yukito Kishiro. Directed by Robert Rodriguez.


3 stars

(Animated adventure, PG, 93 minutes, playing at the Regal 4 in Corvallis and the AMC Corvallis 12). A candy-colored sugar rush with a nonstop parade of pop culture references, famous cameos and inside jokes, "The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part" doesn't quite match the original's spark and creativity, but it's a worthy chapter in the ever-expanding Lego movie universe. (Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times)


3 ½ stars

(Comedy-drama, PG-13, 130 minutes, playing at the Regal 4 in Corvallis) Viggo Mortensen plays a thick-headed lunk from the Bronx and Mahershala Ali is the musician he's driving through the South in 1962, and both are nothing but believable. This is a friendship story, and one of the best times I've had at the movies this year. Oscars for best picture, supporting actor (Ali) and original screenplay. (Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times)

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