It becomes clear very quickly that Suzanne Brean loves her job.

Suzanne is the owner of My Little Dog Training Academy and Daycare and gets to be with dogs all day, every day.

Of course, for Suzanne, who is a certified trainer, it’s not all fun and games.

Now that she has a facility in Lebanon, at least she is no longer on the road so much.

“I was traveling from Southern Oregon to Washington five days a week to train dogs,” she said while seated in the large open space that her business how calls home. The facility has been open now for a little over a year. “We’ve gone through a lot of changes,” Suzanne said.

Another change that was unexpected is that Suzanne is also doing some rescue work. Currently, Boots, a retired service dog, is with Suzanne awaiting adoption into a forever home.

Suzanne offers a variety of classes. “Socialization at a young age is critical,” she said regarding her Puppy Kindergarten classes. Designed especially for pups under 16 weeks, target goals include safety and socialization as well as learning to sit and stay. The pups also work on increasing their attention spans and coming when they are called. “It’s all off leash,” Suzanne said of the classes. Plus, she noted, puppies of different sizes but roughly the same age learn how to interact with one another.

Each class lasts four weeks and the owner must be involved. In fact, Suzanne encourages families to attend together. With a smile, she said, “We are training humans one at a time.”

Other classes include good citizen classes, individual classes, specialty dog training, and more.

The facility also offers an apprenticeship program for those 16 years old and up. The program, which can take up to two years to complete, prepares the person to take the test to become a certified dog trainer. In addition to doing class work, apprentices also spend time training dogs. There are also videos to watch and reading that must be done. Suzanne also strongly encourages apprentices to participate in the Dunbar Academy.

My Little Dog Training Academy and Daycare also offers a variety of raw dog food as well other treats, health products and training aids. Suzanne said she has expanded its supply to include items people have requested.

The day care portion of Suzanne’s business is broken down into three sections; half day, full day and full day plus basic training for one hour each day. Dogs are supervised at all times.

The facility includes both inside and outside areas for the dogs.

Suzanne is a professional dog trainer with certifications in a variety of areas, including puppy training, good citizen training as well as community and urban training. Suzanne has been a professional trainer since 2011. “There are less than 300 of us in the world,” she said. She said she is one of only two service dog trainers in the state of Oregon.

My Little Dog Training Academy and Daycare is located at 3640 South Santiam Highway in Lebanon. Call 541-258-5992 for more information.

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