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You Spend 182 Hours a Year In the Bathroom, Make It a Sanctuary With These Remodeling Tips
You Spend 182 Hours a Year In the Bathroom, Make It a Sanctuary With These Remodeling Tips

You Spend 182 Hours a Year In the Bathroom, Make It a Sanctuary With These Remodeling Tips

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A report released by the National Association of Realtor (NAR), indicated that bathroom remodel is the most popular type of home improvement. This is because renovating your bathroom does only increase its aesthetic appearance, but also increases your home's resale value.

More importantly, you get to install energy-efficiency appliances that will help you save in the long run. But bathroom remodels can be a complicated process, especially if you're working with an awkwardly-shaped room, which does not have much natural light.

In this regard, let's explore some bathroom remodeling tips that should be on top of your bucket list.

Hire an Electrician Early in the Bathroom Remodel Project

In any bathroom improvement project, an electrician is equally as important as a plumber. This kind of professionals helps you in achieving the lighting scheme you want and rewiring when replacing electric showers and so on.

So, it is imperative to bring an electrician early in the project. Collaboration between the plumber and the electrician helps you to stick to your refurbishment schedule. Always remember to go for a registered electrician the one you can hold responsible for in case anything goes wrong.

Go for the Correct Paint Sheen

A few years ago, the common paint for bathroom remodel was satin or glossy paint as it was resilient to bathroom humidity. However, with the advancement of technology, manufacturers now can produce paints that integrate anti-microbial additives, which helps to keep moisture at bay why producing on-trend matte finishes.

These paints costs twice as much as the standard latex-acrylic ones but they are worth it. But if you are on a budget, you may go for the glossy paints as they still improve your bathroom's aesthetic while preventing mold. Always remember not to use the shower before 24 hours are over, after painting.

Choose the Faucet First

Arguably, the faucet is the most conspicuous hardware in your bathroom. That's why you should be very careful when choosing your tubs and shower faucet and it should the first thing to do. Make sure the faucet's styling matches with the towel bars, shower set, toilet flush lever, and other bathroom hardware.

The most common trend in the market is application of Ergonomic lever faucets as they are the easiest to use for people across all age brackets. Ranging from modern to vintage designs, they come in a wide range of styles to complement your bathroom and help you achieve your home improvement goals.

Choose Non-Slick Surface

Probably you've encountered a slippery bathroom at one point in your life. Some tiles cause serious slipping hazards when wet. To ensure your bathroom is safe for its users, it is important to go for textured surfaces, sand-containing glazes, or matte finishes.

Small tiles which integrate grout lines may also come in handy, this is because they increase traction to the floor.

Choose Unique Lighting Scheme

Surface-mounted ceiling and recessed lights are not only crucial for the overall lighting of the bathroom but should create unflattering space for self-reflection. Integrating task lighting on either side of your sink is a great way to improve your bathroom's lighting scheme. If your bathroom is small, installing a long fixture over the mirror is always a great plus.

Get a Professional Bathroom Remodeling Expert

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We hope you enjoy the products we recommend. We may receive a commission if you purchase a product mentioned in this article.


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